Alex Vispoli Endorses Small Business Bill of Rights

State Senate candidate Alex Vispoli
State Senate candidate Alex Vispoli

Vispoli Endorses Small Business Bill of Rights


Need to Create a Pro-Jobs Climate in Massachusetts


Andover, MA - Today, Alex Vispoli, candidate for State Senate endorsed Representative Shaunna O’Connell’s Small Business Bill of Rights legislative package to help grow jobs in Massachusetts.


“Small businesses create 3 out of every 4 new jobs in the Commonwealth.  By helping small businesses, we will be putting people back to work,” said Vispoli.  “As the next State Senator, I am going to use all my business experience to help grow jobs.  This plan will enable businesses to add new employees.”


“Our unemployment rate is now above the national average.  We need a comprehensive approach to helping the small business community that creates the majority of new jobs in the Commonwealth.  Our plan is designed to give small businesses certainty and breaks from mandates,” said O’Connell who is the Chairwoman of the Small Business Caucus.


The package includes:

Small Business Bill of Rights

ü  One-year waiting period before a new tax can take effect

This initiative will give businesses time to adjust to the higher cost of doing business.

ü  One-year adjustment period before a new regulations can take effect

Businesses need certainty.  By creating a one-year waiting period, businesses will have the time to prepare for the new requirement and make the appropriate adjustments.  It will make it more affordable for them. 

ü  Require a systematic cost-benefit analysis of regulations every 5 years

The Patrick administration has been reviewing some regulations, but it should occur every 5 years to ensure that regulations have not outlived their usefulness.

ü  Allow people to freelance work and allow businesses to hire freelancers 

The Massachusetts state law on independent contractors makes it almost impossible to hire a freelance person.  By correcting the definition we will be creating more opportunities for businesses to test new positions which often lead to full time positions.

ü  Require a cost-benefit analysis of all new energy projects

The cost of doing business in Massachusetts is very expensive.  We have some of the highest utility costs in the nation.  Before beginning a utility project, there should be a cost-benefit analysis to determine the worthiness of the project.

ü  Require hearings before taxes are increased

The tech tax is a perfect example of legislators voting to increase taxes before knowing the full impact.  By holding hearings around the state, businesses will be able to educate legislators as to the direct impact before there is a vote.

ü  Limit treble damages to willful actions

These hefty fines should only be imposed on small businesses when there is willful action on wage disputes, not for innocent mistakes. 


“The repeal of tech tax should have been a teachable moment for the legislature on how bad tax policies hurt job growth.  We have gotten off the backs of the tech companies.  Now it is time to assist small businesses,” said Diehl.


“We need to create a pro-small business climate in Massachusetts so we can be growing jobs,” said Vispoli.  “Businesses need relief from both taxes and regulations.  As the next Senator, I will make it a priority to create private sector jobs.”



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