Have you lost your edge?

FireForce Will Increase Your Power to Fight

Being in ongoing top condition is a firefighter’s best weapon.

FireForce training gives you that physical edge you need to continue to be an unstoppable firefighter.  We personalize each program to fit each individual and offer our training and services year round.

Pain or Injury Distracting You?

FireForce also serves injured firefighters in our comprehensive physical therapy facility.  We’ll get you back to work with confidence - and stronger than before.

Start TODAY by claiming your FREE Screening for muscle imbalances that could be holding you back!  


FireForce is brought to you by: 

BODYMECHANIX Performance Enhancement Programs 

and White’s Physical Therapy

Departments we have served:

MaldenLexingtonN. Reading and Wilmington.  We trained to improve these firefighters’ work capacity, and treated injuries such as back, neck, shoulder and knee.  We can help YOU today!



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