VOTE- APRIL 5 -MODERATOR MATTERS- BE THERE OR BE SQUARE. 8 AM TO 8 PM  you can cast yoru vote- Protect YOUR rights and your voice at Town Meetings. CHOOSE A MODERATOR WHO IS INDEPENDENT. Thank you.
Donna Marie Robitaille April 03, 2014 at 06:06 AM
Good Morning 2001, I am all in and have been from the start. My efforts and sincere hopes to serve did not change on February 18th. The only difference is --I am a WRITE-IN (ROBITAILLE) Candidate for Tewksbury Planning Board. Thankyou.
Simon Cowell April 03, 2014 at 07:52 AM
Respectfully, if you were "all in and have been from the start" then you would have returned your nomination papers. Unless I am remembering incorrectly, you decided not to do that because some started questioning your association to disgraced lawyer Fred Daly. Do what ever you like but you cannot be considered a viable candidate in this election. Sorry but its the truth.
Donna Marie Robitaille April 03, 2014 at 09:35 AM
With all due respect, Sir I am all in and have been since January. You are not posting anything different than what I have stated. I interviewed in the Town Crier so please read it. I have done what I would like to do- in order for my name to be an official choice in this contested Planning Board race. Simon Cowell ,you do not have to say your sorry to me for stating a fact. I pulled back my nomination for Planning Board and decided to use the 100% valid method of a Sticker/WRITE-IN Campaign. It is simple math. Whichever candidate gets the most votes-wins. X Fratalia for Planning Board or WRITE-IN ROBITAILLE for Planning Board. Donna (HARRINGTON) ROBITAILLE T.M.H.S. (1976). Tewksbury Youth Center Board of Directors (four years). Tewksbury Conservation Commission (four years). Tewksbury Zoning Board of Appeals (three years). I am retired from Local 775 and from my part time job. I have the time and interest to volunteer to serve. I applied for an appointment to the Conservation Commission and did not receive the appointment. I do want and need to keep busy. I love TEWKSBURY and my reasons to keep trying are worthy. Sincerely Donna.
Bob April 03, 2014 at 10:05 AM
Donna, what is "local 775"? I can't find mention of it in Massachusetts. Also, it must be nice to be retired at/before age 56!
Donna Marie Robitaille April 04, 2014 at 09:27 AM
Good Morning Bob, First of all, it is not so nice having too much free time. I really want and need to keep busy. I want to volunteer for that reason and that is why I stated my work history. I am fortunate enough to have a household income which allows me to seek a volunteer endeavor. Have you found the info regarding my previous employment? PS I am not being evasive, just asking in the case your still interested in knowing about the industry which I previously worked in. I am a serious candidate that is part of this election. The Planning Board race is contested. The people have a choice to vote X next to Fratalia OR WRITE-IN ROBITAILLE on the printed line available on the ballot for Planning Board. PS I also have other reasons to want to keep my heart and mind busy. I love Tewksbury and to volunteer here would be part of the best days of my life as all things here have always been for me. Please try to stop judging my sincere intentions and hopes to be the next Planning Board member.


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