Top 10 Tewksbury Stories of 2012

With so much going on in the community, it's hard to narrow the list. But these are our Top 10.

Picking a Top 10 list for anything is almost always a no-win situation. That's especially true when you are talking about Top 10 News Stories.

That said, here are our Top 10 Tewksbury News Stories for 2012.

Did we miss the boat on any? Let us know if you think there were any obvious omissions.

10. McCabe case drags on

Arrests were made in April 2011 in connection with the 1969 murder of Tewksbury teen Johnny McCabe. Finally, in December, jury selection began in the first trial. But after another delay, the trial itself won't actually begin until 2013.

9. Stronach wont run

In late November, Selectwoman Ann Marie Stronach surprised residents and colleagues by announcing she would not be seeking re-election to the Board of Selectmen in 2013. Stronach said she wanted to make the announcement early to open the door for other potential candidates.

8. April Election

The municipal election in April didn't attract an especially high voter turnout, despite some passionate races. Incumbent selectmen David Gay and Scott Wilson won easily but a ballot question to fund a sports complex featuring a multi-sport artificial turf surface and new tennis courts was defeated. Later in the year, funding from the Community Preservation Fund for the tennis courts was approved by Town Meeting voters.

7. Superstorm Sandy

For the second October in a row, a mega storm rolled across the Merrimack Valley. This time, utility companies seemed better prepared and power outages, while widespread, were not as long.

6. Motel Caswell Case

After three years, the Federal Forfeiture Case against Russ Caswell and the Motel Caswell finally went before a judge in 2012. The trial is now over but the judge in the case has yet to hand down a ruling.

5. Economic Development

The Tewksbury economy received a much-needed shot in the arm in 2012. The opening of businesses such as Angelina's, Orange Leaf, Al Frasca and MVP generated new jobs and improved the Route 38 landscape. And the relocation of Thermo Fischer brought 400 jobs to town with the promise of another 100 in the future.

4. Charges filed in Recreation Department Case

The Tewksbury Recreation Department was shut down in December 2010 amid an embezzlement investigation. Nearly two years later, charges were finally filed in the case against former Recreation Director Roy Patterson and his former assistant, Lauren Bibo-Morris.

3. Movie Filmed in Tewksbury

Tewksbury had the chance to bask in the Hollywood spotlight, as Adam Sandler, Taylor Lautner and company came to town to films scenes from "Grownups 2" at the Tewksbury KMart.

2. November Election

All eyes were on the polls, as Tewksbury and the rest of the country voted in the general election. Incumbents carried the day, as Tierney, Miceli, Finegold and Lyons came up winners.

1. Opening of The New Tewksbury High School

Without question, this was the story of the year. Consensus opinion is that the long anticipated new Tewksbury High was well worth the wait.

Bobby J. Nicholas III December 26, 2012 at 04:13 PM
I wouldn't say that the opening of the new TMHS would be the "story of the year".
john smith December 26, 2012 at 05:37 PM
For Tewksbury, I would say it is. What was bigger in town this year then a new high school opening?


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