Was Beyonce in Tewksbury?

Various social media accounts said she was sighted at Walmart around 7:45 p.m. Friday night.

A screenshot of various twitter pictures of Beyonce at Walmart on Friday evening.
A screenshot of various twitter pictures of Beyonce at Walmart on Friday evening.
TEWKSBURY, MA -- Wait, Beyonce was in Tewksbury's Walmart? 

That's what the social media universe is saying on Friday evening, from Hot 96.9 to a slew... of... people... on twitter...

We've heard that she was giving out gift cards there tonight and has a concert tonight in Boston, but it's all unfolding...

What do you think, Tewksbury? Why Tewksbury? Why not? Is it neat that a celebrity came to town? Or does it not matter?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments! And if you've got photos or videos from the Beyonce sighting, make sure to put them on our boards!
Mike Briock December 24, 2013 at 02:42 AM
Nothing personal to those of you flipping out and just "Oh my God, Beyonce came into Wal-Mart!" But really people? First off, if you are in Wal-Mart to begin with you are responsible for tanking the US economy to buy your cheap China produced garbage. Secondly, do you actually think any of that money actually came from Beyonce? Not a single penny came from her. It was a pre-arranged publicity stunt arranged by the record company to sell her CD. It was their money, not hers. Thirdly... If this was a true generous act by Beyonce (LOL) then why the film crew, news, entourage, bodyguards, Twitter, Facebook publicity? Because that is all it was. Why not do it anonymously? No film crew, no entourage. No publicity. Oh, that's right, she wants you to buy her CD. And people act like this is the greatest event ever. Sad... Truly sad and pathetic... Both that you are in Wal-Mart to begin with and that you would make the biggest deal in the world that an over-egotistical publicity hound like Beyonce came in.


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