'Breakthrough' Gets New Look For Tonight's Big Concert

Tewksbury Patch Video Battle of the Bands winners are ready to rock!

The battle is over and the results are in.  Breakthrough is the official winner of Patch’s first ever battle of then bands.

 Of course, you can’t truly be a rock star without looking the part and that’s where being a Patch winner really comes in handy.  As part of their Patch Prize Package, Breathrough spent yesterday afternoon with the talented crew at “” getting their official rock star makeovers.

 Made up of three 15-year-old boys, Ben Hanson, Bobby Briggs and Daniel Daley, Breathrough is a local favorite with a long history.

 As singer, songwriter and guitarist Bobby explains, “Ben was born on Nov. 14, 1995 and I was born a day later at the same hospital.  We started planning then.”

 While Bobby’s mom Julann Briggs isn’t quite certain that the groundwork was laid that early on she does agree that Breathrough was destined to be.

“Bobby and Ben have been playing seriously since they were about seven,” said Briggs. “but they had guitars at around age two.” 

Ben, lead guitarist for the band, can’t remember not being a musician.

“I’ve basically been playing all my life,” he said. “I had my first guitar at six and started serious lessons at ten.”

Daniel Daley, the band’s drummer, may not have been in on the first maternity ward jam session but his story is, nonetheless, one of destiny and fate.

 Both he and Bobby shared a love for Pokémon in the fourth grade and when their classrooms changed the two boys simply lost touch with one another.  Years later fate brought them back together when Bobby’s Dad had an impromptu conversation about music and kids with Daniels mom.

 Almost immediately, Daniel was “jamming” with Bobby and Ben and the rest of the story is, as they say history. Breakthrough was officially born. 

 Inspired by a variety of music that spans the past four decades, Breakthrough is a band that loves to perform.

“When you see someone like Freddy Mercury perform,” explained Daniel. “It’s the most inspiring thing in the world.”

 More than anything the three members of Breakthrough are enjoying their enjoying their success and newfound fame.

“I have fun in this band, that’s what I do,” said Bobby. "The gigs are a blast, recording is fun and the whole experience is really something else.”

Tonight, June 9 at 7 p.m., Breakthrough will take the stage at to show off the talent that won them the title. Admission is free.

Barbara Cuoco June 10, 2011 at 02:03 AM
Just got back from the gig @ TJ Callahan's. Breakthrough really showed the talent they have to make them the winners of the best video & band contest. Incredible for such a young group. The songs were great. Especially Songs of the Past- unbelievable!!! The crowd went wild when they played a Beatle's favorite. The night ended with a very entertaining number the band played with two of the band members fathers singing. Bob Briggs & Eric Hansen (who had a band of their own for many years) joined their sons in a song! Great Fun!!! Hope they do it again!!


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