Happy Thanks Giving! (keys to success)

I am grateful for knowing these Keys to Success!

Hey guys, I hope everyone is having as great of a Thanksgiving as I am! Sitting here with my laptop in front of me, I have realized that I could not be more greatful for who and what I have become. I have worked very hard, and have come a long way to be the musician I am today, and appreciate the help of my friends and family for their support a long the way. I think back to the days where it was just me and my Ibanez acoustic guitar, writing songs for my band that hardly existed anywhere else but in my dreams. Now this band is not nearly a dream, but a full reality. We have won several battle of the bands, recorded in a number of studios, and have aquired one of the best fan bases a musician could ask for. Heck, we've even played across the street from the TD Garden! We could not have gotten where we are without a powerful and positive mindset towards our goal. If you appreciate where you are, and keep in mind where you want to be, almost any accomplishment is possible. Keeping my head up was a key factor in our succes as well. When worst came to worst, my best friends and I stuck together through thick and thin, and we've always come out on top in the long run. One peice of advice I will give to you, is to make choices based on whatever is easiest for you. Whatever makes you the happiest person you can be. Dont force yourself to do somthing you dont feel right doing, that will only make things harder. Just "swim down stream" as I like to say. Rather than trying to swim upstream and create tension upon not only yourself, but the people around you as well. Planning ahead is important in success too. Keep your eye on the ball, but at the same time, get there the easiest way possible by being true to yourself. Another thing, BE YOURSELF. I know Im starting to sound cleche here, but trust me... You can accomlish what you want, and it is never to late to get there. If you want to eat healthier, go to the super market RIGHT NOW and buy some nice fresh veggies. If you want to play guitar go to guitar center tomorrow and pick up the first guitar you see! If you want to discover new music, just go to facebook.com/forgettheformer. haha now Im just getting off topic. Anyway, hope my little tangent of positive keys to succes helped! Im greatful to know such information at such a young age. I hope to spread these and other ideas to everyone I meet in the future, so share this post with your friends and try to go about life in the most positive way you can!!! Alright thats the end Happy Thanksgiving everyone

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