LAP Dance Band Brings New Sound To Local Music Scene

Liquid Audio Project Dance Band to perform tonight at Claddagh Pub.

Some things are just meant to happen. Fate has a way of taking over and, from there, great things occur.

Without a doubt, that's the case with a new local band, Liquid Audio Project Dance Band or L.A.P. Dance for short.  Without a doubt the name alone is enough to get attention but the band is a lot more than just a catchy phrase.

Consisting of two sets of brothers, Wayne and Marc Fleury and Ken and Gene Risher, L.A.P. Dance has strong roots here in the local music scene. 

Both Ken and Gene are former members of the much loved, MOJO, and are currently performing their own acoustic show, Risher Brother’s Acoustic Extravaganza.

Together, Marc and Wayne Fleury have entertained audiences with their combined, as well as solo, acoustic careers.  Currently, Marc’s “Marcsoutic” show is a well known favorite.

When a mutual fan suggested that the Marc and Ken combine their musical talent the groundwork was laid for what would eventually become L.A.P. Dance Band.  With a little help from Facebook Ken, Gene, Marc and Wayne were well on their way towards a new, exciting project. 

“This is the only band I ever created on the Internet,” joked Ken.

“It couldn’t be more perfect,” added Marc. “Ken has a drummer brother and I have a bass player in my family.”

Over the years the four crossed paths more than once but had never connected as musicians.

“Ken and I actually went to junior high together,” mentioned Wayne. “But I had no idea how talented he was until saw him play at a fundraiser a few years ago. We were bound to meet up again.”

Of course, these professionals were not willing to base any decisions on reputation alone.

“Ken and I did sneak into one of Marc’s performances to see if he was any good,” Gene remembered. “We liked what we saw and starting talking about the band that night.”

That night was also when Marc suggested they add older brother and bass guitarist Wayne into the mix.  “Wayne was,” remembered Mark, “the perfect choice.”

With two sets of brothers who have each been performing together for years the L.A.P. Dance Band, and its music, has a comfortable, familiar quality built into it. The brother’s know and respect each others styles and have a natural fit with one another.

That familiarity and experience creates a band that is, without a doubt, meant to be together. 

The music is, as the band’s Facebook page explains, “A great danceable mix of rock with a soulful flip.”

“We didn’t want to be stereotypical and play nothing but the hard rock 80’s music,” explained Marc. “L.A.P. Dance Band is about pop dance instead of rock dance.”

Do not, however, think that they have left their rock and roll roots behind.  “We still have an edge to us,” added Ken.

With music that ranges from Bruno Mars and Lenny Kravitz to The Black Crowes and Duran-Duran L.A.P. Dance Band provides something for everyone to enjoy.

“The genres we play are so wide that it is absolutely amazing,” explained Wayne. “Gene and Marc are our mainstays for vocals.  They are able to pull off songs that no other bands are willing to try.”

So, with busy lives and families what keeps these musicians playing after all these years in the business?   

“Its good therapy," said Gene. "Playing is a release.”

“I just can’t stop doing it,” added Marc. “Once playing is in you its something you have got to do.”

Of course, juggling family and music isn’t always easy.

“My wife is a saint,” Gene said with a smile.

You can see L.A.P. Dance Band Friday, September 30th at The Claddagh Pub or For more information visit them on Facebook at L.A.P. Dance Band.


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