Mahoney's Orchid Festival Has Started

The festival will have orchid and tropical plants for sale.

(Editor's Note:The following was submitted by Mahoney's Garden Center.)

Surround yourself with warm, second annual Orchid & Tropical Plant Festival. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the event began Saturday, Feb. 11 and runs through Sunday, Feb. 26, at five of their locations: Winchester, Brighton, Chelmsford, Tewksbury and East Falmouth.

“The event was such a big success last year that we expanded to five Mahoney’s locations,” says Paul Waxman, Director of Marketing for Mahoney’s. “People love that first moment when they emerge from the cold into our sunny greenhouses and are surrounded by absolutely gorgeous color.”

Mahoney’s goes beyond the more common orchids and is featuring a wide selection of unique and hard-to-find varieties. Amongst the displays look for Hawaiin Orchids, such as oncidium, vanda, catlelaya, lady slipper, and miltonia orchids.

On the tropical plant side, many people are surprised to learn that tropical plants do not need tropical conditions. “The word ‘tropical’ tends to scare people when talking houseplants,” adds Waxman. “It simply means that these plants are indigenous to tropical climates – actually they’re really quite easy to grow at home.”

Gardeners of all levels will also be excited to discover the popular new trend in “small gardens.” Dish gardens, terrariums, miniature and fairy gardens, among others, are perfect for any size space and can be purchased ready-to-go, or you can create your own from a myriad of options. Many have found this new trend fun and beautiful, while also easy to accomplish without a lot of expense or mess.

Another popular trend is tillandsia, or "air plants." Air plants require no soil, only moderate light and an occasional misting to maintain its exotic foliage. These unusual plants can be placed in nearly any object, such as a glass orb, small dish or rock garden, and are very easy to maintain.

A garden show? Certainly, but all of these exciting plants can be kept in an average home and can be very easy to grow. Stop by, admire, and choose one to bring home. For more information please visit www.MahoneysGarden.com or call (781) 729-5900.


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