Tewksbury Jobless Rate Dips Sharply In 12 Months

Nearly 300 fewer residents are without work than a year ago.

The economic climate in Tewksbury continues to improve, though likely not as quickly as some might like.

According to figures release this week by the State Department of Employment and Training, unemployment in Tewksbury was at 5.4 for May. That's down from 5.5 percent in April and down considerably from 7.1 percent in May 2011.

In terms of hard numbers, Tewksbury's overall workforce is 16,555 (up from 16,499 a year ago.) Of that total, 895 are unemployed. That's down from 907 in April and down from 1,164 in May 2011.

Statewide, unemployment is at 5.8 percent for May. That's down slightly from 5.9 percent in April and down considerably from 7.1 percent in May 2011.

According to the DET report, the Greater Lowell Labor Market posted some of the best employment gains in the state in May, while also being among he state leaders in job creation.

The positive employment news and the earlier this month.

Kathleen Brothers June 20, 2012 at 02:23 PM
These stats do not surprise me at all. I have people (tradesmen) in my neighborhood who haven't worked in a long long time. At least one as dropped out altogether and is trying to start his own business. These guys are all in their 30's ! I really hope things change in November for the betterment of the country. I wonder Bill, if those numbers include the people who have "dropped out"?
Dirk Anderson June 20, 2012 at 06:36 PM
Kathleen, The numbers are only for people collecting benefits. While that number does not reflect those unemployed for longer than the current extension or people who are "under-employed" it is the only way to get a good number (by good, I mean accuracy of the trend, not accuracy of the number)
BM June 20, 2012 at 08:25 PM
300 Fewer people is not much considering a town of 30k people . " Main Street " is still suffering . I know from experience ..... my wife is still currently unemployed !! That number reflects nothing . I also have family in other surrounding towns who are suffering / unemployed . Things are not getting any better from my vantage point . Just continue to believe all the lies about how " GREAT " things are !! When the hell are people going to wake up and take a good look around !


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