Trull Brook Golf Course and Tennis Center Receives Liquor License

The 126-acre, 18-hole public golf course and tennis center located on River Road recently received a liquor license allowing them to offer their customers what they have been asking for many years.

The 170 River Road, has only had its liquor license since May 2 and has already thrilled its customers, according to its owners.

Lorraine Trull, co-owner with her husband Roy also made improvements to the snack bar, changing its name to T's Bar and Grill and expanding its menu. Although Roy has worked at the course since he was a young boy, the couple have been the sole owners of Trull Brook for the past year and a half.

The land was deeded to the Trull Family by King George. Trull's father-in-law Bailey built the golf course in 1963 and the tennis center in 1972.

"We are the 15th generation to work the land," she said.

Also a hit is the brand new beverage cart that can deliver cold drinks, beer, vodka and sandwiches to the golfers on the course. 

"We decided to go for the license because our customers wanted a beer to go with their burgers," she explained. 

But competition for tournaments with two other courses in Tewksbury that already had liquor licenses, was the driving force behind the decision, she said.

The Trulls also bought two fryolators to help expand the hot dogs and hamburger menu to include fries, and onion wings. The new menu also includes wraps, sandwiches and breakfast items in the morning. Both the seating areas in the golf center and tennis center have new large screen TV's and tables.

For more information about T's Bar and Grill, the Golf Course and Tennis Centers check out the website or call 978-851-6731.

Joe Bill May 17, 2012 at 02:13 PM
When the mini golf course opens up on 38, I hope they are granted a liquor license as well. After all it would be great to be able to throw back a few cold ones while waiting for the kids to take 15 attempts at getting their ball through the windmill.


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