BOOK MORE HAIRCUTS - 33 Simple & Affordable Hair Salon Marketing Ideas & Strategies

Sharron Senter, Boston north marketing consultant, has published a new Kindle eBook, 

BOOK MORE HAIRCUTS - 33 Simple & Affordable Hair Salon Marketing Ideas & Strategies

Senter describes low-cost and creative marketing strategies hairstylists and hair salon owners can use to increase clientele and revenue. The eBook also includes: 12 small business marketing standards that help sustain business growth, a compact 12-month promotional-theme marketing calendar and four brief exercises that help hairstylists separate themselves from their competition.

BOOK MORE HAIRCUTS is intended for hair salon owners, hairstylists who rent chairs and salon employees who earn a percentage of sales. Senter says that when you consistently implement a combination of her suggested marketing strategies, hairstylists will create business growth momentum and ultimately more revenue.

Senter has more than 17 years of marketing communications experience and a deep affinity for hair salon owners. As a young girl, she recalls being the subject for her sister, who is now a successful hairstylist and salon owner.

“One of the key salon growth strategies I learned from my sister is that clients are looking for much more than a haircut,” said Sharron Senter, eBook author and marketing consultant. “Instead, they want to feel better by looking better or they’re looking to make a statement that says – look at me! Hairstylists who embrace the emotional needs of clients will always make more money than their competitors. One highly-effective way of tapping into a client’s intimate thoughts is to sit them down at your station before their hair wash, and talk to them about what they’re looking for and why. It’s a hairstylist’s understanding of the – why - that’ll ultimately separate them from their competition. Listening to your client exclusively, rather than multi-tasking at a sink, is key in maintaining your client for life while costing you nothing. Very few hairstylists take this extra personalized step. When you do, your client will notice and keep returning to you.”

BOOK MORE HAIRCUTS - 33 Simple & Affordable Hair Salon Marketing Ideas & Strategies is sold exclusively through Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D9RN0QM. For a limited time, Amazon Prime members may borrow the eBook for free through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and with no due date. The eBook retails for $2.99. Learn more about hair salon marketing at the author’s website, http://www.SharronSenter.com.  

According to Senter, she regularly works with professional services, retail, financial, spa & hair care, and e-commerce businesses to help them grow their clientele. She enjoys creating content that’s contagious and inspires sharing, enabling small businesses to grow cost-effectively through word-of-mouth.

BOOK MORE HAIRCUTS is Senter’s second salon and spa marketing related eBook. Her first, Salon & Spa Marketing Strategies – 16 Ways to Involve Your Staff & Ignite Profits, is also sold at Amazon for $2.99. 


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