Ring, Ring, Ring.....

Vote for ideas that will save us from the financial disaster we are now in. Some may think everything is fine. You are very, very, wrong. The Country is ready to implode!


Are the elections getting you down. If you're happy today you're probably not answering your phone. 

How many phone calls do you expect to receive today asking for campaign contributions?  I consider these phone calls to be a major distraction from getting the real job done, winning an election without buying one should become our goal.

The people must say enough; It's time for new ideas giving the people their own Declaration of Independence from government. Driving a stake through socialism. Socialism which is the "Road toward Serfdom" (slavery).   

The phone callers have become arrogant and they simply will not take NO for an answer. Do they inspire new contributions from you, or do you dig in knowing that you will be placed on someone elses call list? Their appetite can never be satisfied. 

I am not impressed with the expert opinions stating that elections are about raising money. As Bess Truman would say that's pure bull manure, Harry.

It does cost money to run for any office, but money is certainly not a replacement for ideas.

Elections are not about parties or street money; they are about ideas. It's amazing how far a powerful well presented idea will travel. Even the media will start publishing the ideas; because the public will demand them to cover all of the candidates with ideas. Sooner or later the media will see an increase in sales an start paying closer attention. Real Americans will usually place country over party.

Polititians must develope solutions for problems freeing Americans from the bondage of being a welfare slave.  They need businesses to hire the unemployed giving them jobs and getting the government off the backs of small and large business leaders.

We have to ask ourselves if the government really wants to solve our problems because of a sense of fear of losing their power. If they in fact do want to solve these problems they are going about it the wrong way doing more harm than good. Again using money not ideas as a lever to correct problems. It's time to give up the bike races and listen to new ideas from the people that elect them. It's hard to convince the public that we are in trouble if our leaders are not focused on solutions.  It's time for our leaders to join the fight instead of leaving it up to the boots on the ground to do it all for them.

Leaders must give their supporters something to support.

I believe it was Nancy Pelosi that said an unemployment check is just as good as a paycheck. Which mansion did she grow up in? Again pure horse manure.

The world is waiting for the United States of America to lead, we need leaders in order to do that. If Americans do the right thing the world will benefit.  If we do the wrong thing we will suffer for a half century or more.  WAKE-UP AMERICA!

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Ray Gondola August 05, 2012 at 10:28 AM
The first thing we have to do is eliminate the Party system. There are many political parties in this country, even though most of us never hear of more than two until we enter the voting booth. People today are so divided over so many different issues. There are some Conservative issues with which I agree and some Liberal causes I back. I feel that with the elimination of the Party system in this country, candidates would worry less about how much money they raise (thinking, like the author points out, that this somehow translates into votes) and more about ideology, and doing what's best for the present and future.
EMA August 05, 2012 at 11:21 AM
You need a proofreader, Don.
Don Ordway August 05, 2012 at 12:41 PM
EMA, I agree with your analysis of the article. It was written in haste during a period of great frustration. I made the mistake of thinking that everyone knew what I was talking about. If you're not me you may not have understood the article as intended. It has to be rearranged and broken down. I should have slept on it. My thoughts have not changed, but they would have been presented in a far different manner. Thank You.
Dan August 05, 2012 at 01:52 PM
Term Limits!!!!
Don Ordway August 05, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Dan, I believe the voters must decide on term limits for themselves; using the power of the voting booth. After the pain of our debt hits their children then they will eventually do the right thing. You can't force a horse drink water; unless the horse is thirsty. Regarding my latest rant, Ring, Ring, Ring.... It reminds me of a Vegas show that we went to years ago. Mac Davis related what had happened earlier that day during rehersal. Mac walked into the morning rehersal and the band was cracking up. Mac asked what's going on here, lets hear it. The band leader repeated the joke. Mac Davis asked is that what you're cracking up over? The band said yea, through their own laughter. Mac then informed the band that he he hopes the audience shows up stoned as well, because otherwise they will not see any humor in your precious joke. That's kind of the way I feel today, however, over the years I have learned to laugh at myself, otherwise I would have spent my life being an arm chair quarterback and missed the arena. Life has its frustrations and we must deal with them. I told my wife JoAnn for the last 5 year years life has been like screaming fire in a movie theater and then looking around watching the patrons for a resonse. Instead they sit their with smiles on their faces crossing their legs while doing nothing to stop it or save their own lives. We have an opportunity to correct the bad, replacing it with good. Will we? Have a good day.
Steve Crane August 07, 2012 at 06:15 PM
You should research Gary Johnson, Jim Gray, and the Libertarian Party. Entertainer Penn Gillette describes Libertarianism as left on sex and right on money. http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/front
Bob August 07, 2012 at 07:25 PM
Don, your premise goes off track in thinking the RNC is better than the DNC. It isn't. Not for the 230 Million or so in the middle. I voted for Bush twice, not because I liked his policies but because the Democrats gave me no real alternative. Now, I dislike Obama's policies and you give me Romney? Really? That is the best you (the RNC) can come up with? Sad if true. I may sit out the first election of my adult life! Neither party gives a hoot about me and my family. Ray has it right. Get rid of BOTH parties and we will all be better off.
Bob August 07, 2012 at 07:43 PM
Steve, I liked Gary but thought he and Paul were kind of nuts on foreign policy. I also think his so called "fair tax" is not going to work. I prefer a 3 tier flat income tax with rates of 9, 11 and 17% 9% for under $100,000, 11% for $101,000-$500,000 and 17% for $501,000 +. Corporations would pay the 17%. I wish he, Huntsman and Cain stayed in longer as I think we would have gotten someone other than Mitt and the discussions would have been more about solutions.
Don Ordway August 07, 2012 at 10:00 PM
Bob, to say the parties are alike is areal stretch, and you have to know that. One party relys on the government the other party fears the government. The country will not survive another term with President Obama in office, especially the way we know and love it. President Obama has hired people that are incapable of making logical decisions. He feared running cabinet members (Czars) through Senate. They know less about this country than the President does. For those reasons and a 1000 more I urge you to vote for the candidate thatunderstands the economy, Romney is great and every person he hires will be nearly as great. Do not use this election to make a point we owe this recovery to those that follow. Without Romney there will be no recovery. Please do the right thing.
Don Ordway August 07, 2012 at 10:29 PM
Bob at this point I lean toward the flat tax, however, I have an open mind on the fair tax descibed above. They are both better than the mess we have today. In the future they may all be on the table. It needs to be easy enough for the Presidents Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner to figure out. I was for the flat tax as presented by Steve Forbes. I don't want to muddy the swamp at this time as I focus like a lazer beam on November 6th. On that day we will be able to predict recovery is on the way or begin preparing for more dark days ahead. More of the same. The vote you deliver is so, so important. Over the next 90 days or so we must decide what kind of a world we will leave behind.
RunningGreen August 07, 2012 at 11:44 PM
I have found both parties to be more alike than different. Both parties are for big government. Democrats want bigger social programs and domestic spending, while Republicans want a bigger army and more oversight on social issues (gay marriage and abortion bans by the government, for example). To say the Republicans are completely innocent while the Democrats are completely evil isn't right.
Don Ordway August 08, 2012 at 02:24 AM
RunninGreen, there is a huge difference between the two parties. Your Concerned with the size of the U.S military blaming Republicans for its growth. I say thank God. I am equally concerned with the distinct possibility of the President forming a civilian Police force about the same size. That possible act causes a great deal of concern for me. I lean to the right believing in a smaller Governnment, lower taxes and user fees, greater state control rather than laundering our money through Washington. Downsize or close the Department of Education returning control to states. The Dept. of Education has totally failed all levels of the education system. Restore energy production, turning more of the research over to the private sector. Backoff on our health care programs and college loans etc. They are doing a horrible job with all of these problems that should be turned over to state control. Allow welfare workers to work while collecting. Encourage and reward people that leave welfare entering the work place. Allow healthy people to work while phasing out of welfare as best we can. RESTORE FREEDOM OF RELIGION. I seriously doubt the Democrats would enthusiastically support any of these issues. This shows the contrast and the list is much longer, but I believe it makes the point. I hope that you agree before you vote. Romney will hire people that are qualified, we cannot gamble on this president that has such a poor recordof success.
Steve Crane August 08, 2012 at 04:25 AM
Bob, I think you share similar concerns as many other who don't totally embrace Gov. Johnson. However, I love his domestic policy. I believe that America is socially tolerant and fiscally responsible. I, too, was questioning the Fair Tax. But the more I read: the more I like it. I didn't really like it until I realized how much bureaucracy would be eliminated (which includes many government employee salaries, and as a former temporary government employee, I know how much money is wasted on salary). In regard to foreign policy, I would look more closely to Iran when considering the comparison between Johnson and Ron Paul. If you study Iran closely enough, you will realize that they are the "wick" that can set off our global powder keg. First off, understand that Ahmadinejad has no real power as he is the "head of state", not the "head of government". Secondly, Gov. Johnson has been quoted saying that he will do all that he can do to keep Israel from attacking Iran. If Iran is attacked, the other Muslim nations will jump in, America will become involved (if the president is Obama, Johnson, or Romney). America's involvement may pull China into the conflict, which would also pull North Korea in because of Kim Jong Un's brother who has found refuge in China. North Korea's presence would entice all other members of the six-party-talks to become involved in this (potentially) hypothetical situation.
Steve Crane August 08, 2012 at 04:25 AM
All in all, I love the Libertarian's agenda of limited government. Both mainstream parties claim to be for limited government involvement, but the Liberals want to control your money, and the Conservatives want to control who you marry and what you put in your body. For once, a party is emerging that does not want to control Americans.
Don Ordway August 08, 2012 at 12:45 PM
Steeve it looks like you have many thoughts going through your mind, I understand the feeling. You stated Liberals want to control your money, I agree, money = power, power = control. Conservatives want to control who you marry. I am a Conservative and I really don't care who you marry. Just don't call it marriage. Call it civil Unions maintaining the same rights as marrige. With some in the gay community it's about being in your face, while others simply want the same things married couiples have. Marrige is between a man and a woman, and the intended purpose has always been to raise a family. If peace is the answer gays should be happy with equal rights. Today it's about confrontation and until Americans attempt to reason together a barrier will exist. You mentioned that a party is emerging that does not want to control everything. I assume you are refering to Libertarians. To begin with many of our whacky ideas are coming from Scandanvia and Europe. They should never be Americas roll model. Their ideas are failing, going by the standard that made America the greatest country in the world. Legalizing drugs? would you watch a dear friend die in the street without medical care? As mixed up as they are we will face that on a daily basis if we legalize drugs. Americans take care of the sick. Finally, we can not live in a lawless society because that is when democracy comes apart. Poiitians know that and believe it or not for many that is the goal.
Bob August 08, 2012 at 02:35 PM
Steve, I agree domestically. I disagree with your and Gov. Johnson's assessments visa vi the Middle East. Gov. Johnson and Rep. Paul harken back to the days of Neville Chamberlain and Hitler. Appease and give and he won't be evil. I believe we must take a strong stand with Iran. I also believe we must stand with Israel without hesitation. I am of the peace through strength mind set. I agree we must do all we can peacefully but I also believe a nuclear Iran is not an option. If the UN won't do their job, someone must. I also agree it could be a powder keg but no more than it would be with Iran having nukes. Hezbollah would be next and they are in South, Central and North America today. I do disagree with your assertion about the other Middle East countries assisting Iran though. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan, Jordan and Egypt will rattle sabers in public but in private are pushing the US and Israel to act. I don't believe they will go to war over this. A nuclear Iran scares them more than us. As for China etc, I doubt it because they will have more to lose by escalation. They understand, along with Russia that MAD is real and Iran is not worth it. They too will rattle sabers and condemn any attack without getting directly involved. The caveat is... Unless we invade with boots on the ground. If we try to change Iran like Afghanistan and Iraq they will do more than rattle sabers but I still don't think they will cause WW III.
Bob August 08, 2012 at 02:35 PM
On the flat tax, I think it would have the same result in severely paring the IRS's number and reach as the national sales tax. I just think it will be fairer in the long run.
Bob August 08, 2012 at 02:49 PM
Don, the facts don't support your rhetoric. Bush II over saw the largest expansion of government until Obama. The Republican's have used government to protect industry (tax break for sending jobs to Mexico, China and India etc.) and make sure they assume little risk when taking chances. I am no Obama lover. I don't like his policies and believe he is very bad for our country. BUT so is Romney. Romney is more of the same. I have been outsourced twice and it has almost led to my financial ruin. Why? So a CEO could make an extra $1 Million in bonus. Both companies ended up losing more money and are now back to in-sourceing. Taxes, gas prices and food prices are carefully manipulated by both parties to protect their friends. Washington is broken and until "We the People" throw ALL the bums out we get what we deserve. I am a TRUE Conservative. A Goldwater Conservative unlike the present day GOP. Get out of my bedroom, my personal life etc. and do ONLY what government is there for. National defense and protecting us from all enemies foreign and domestic. Cut government by eliminating the departments of Education, Interior and many more that have no basis in the Constitution. Jefferson said the Republic would be in trouble when corporation gain control of the $$$ supply. It is why he was against the Fed. We have 2 corporations that are destroying America. They are the RNC and the DNC! And they control the money!
Bob August 08, 2012 at 02:53 PM
Don, ask yourself this simple question. When the Republican's had complete control, why wasn't the tax laws simple for them to see as bad and in need of change? Neither the DNC nor the RNC want anything to change! They are in control and the lemmings follow without question. I don't know who I will vote for in November (if at all for POTUS) but I can tell you 100% this. Either way I will be holding my nose doing it.
Don Ordway August 08, 2012 at 03:34 PM
You will never find a perfect candidate. Use a close pin if you must but please vote. I hear this a every election so many candidates have been driven from the arena to protect their families. Romney is mister clean. Romney is a winner in life. Bet on winners. Voters today vote for the wrong reasons. What does the person look like. We've painted ourselves into a corner. This election will determine winners and losers. The next generation needs a bailout. We have left them a terrible debt. Voting for Mitt Romney will be a down payment on that debt. A vote for President Obama and his cabinet gaurantees failure for America for decades to come. He has nothing good to offer, simply more of the same. Soon the checks will stop coming in, when the printing presses run out of ink. With Romney you have every reason to be optimistic. Obama's ads on Romney are being exposed as lies. All that means is the lies will get even bigger. Open your mind, do whatever is necessary, but please consider Romney a man that does not lie and a man that has enjoyed success. If you are leaning lean to the right. Thanks for caring. Your close pin is in the mail.
Bob August 08, 2012 at 07:07 PM
Don, First I want to thank you for this discussion. It has been thoughtful and without the usual BS that so many of these devolve into. I am not looking for the perfect candidate, just one that I believe is looking out for me, my family, my neighbors and my countrymen. IMHO, neither Presidential candidate fits that bill. They are both owned, lock stock and barrel by the special interests that have funded their campaigns. Mr. Romney may be a very nice guy. I have heard the same about Mr. Obama. The fact is, there is evil in this world and good men do bad things. I wish I had the optimism you show but I think it is blind faith. The GOP increased the debt almost as much if not more than the Dems. Mr. Romney and many CEO's in this country have put their American neighbors out of work for 1 more dollar. That is evil. I was in New Bedford when Titleist put @10,000 people, Americans, out of work and moved jobs to China so they could show 10 CENTS more in dividends. I understand capitalism and embrace it. But when did we stop looking out for each other? What these two parties and their handlers have done to this once great nation is evil! It won't get better until more people stand up and say so. We need to have fewer people blindly pull the lever for the D or the R just because they are a D or an R. I ask you to renounce both major parties and demand better for us all. Neither of these will make it better.
Don Ordway August 09, 2012 at 12:17 AM
Bob thank you for the nice words. How do you kill 8 million people? You lie to them, If that fails you tell a larger lie. I can't belive that you are having this much trouble with these two candidates. With the Party I understand. They're a world apart. Obama never had a job in the private sector. I am concerned about another holocaust. The President may not be there for the Isrealites, remember they are not all Jews, maybe 80%. If anything happens to them meaning a nuclear attack, shame on us. Ten million will die almost immediately. Romney has warned Iran and its neighbors that we will stand by them. The Presidents warnings scare no one. My biggest argument is that just look at the type of appointments this President has made, Cabinet, Supreme Court. Look at the military decisions he has made. Look at the leaks eminating from the White House. Look at the gun sales on the border with Mexico, where our border patrol is in grave danger as a result of this administrations repeated failures. Look where he is when there is a crisis, either campaigning or playing golf. General Jerry Boykin retired Black Hawk down leader stated that the President was raised by muslims attended Muslim Services and schools. Always surrounded by Muslims. "He didn't know if the President was a Muslim or not but he certainly thinks like a Muslim". We need to think the old fashion way that our best days a ahead of us with new leadership in the White House. He makes the same mistakes repeatedly.
RunningGreen August 09, 2012 at 12:28 AM
You are comparing the Holocaust (a systematic elimination of innocent Jews by Nazi Germany) with Barack Obama's foreign policy involving Iran to help win votes in an election. I understand that you feel strongly about your opinions. However, I would not use such a painful event in world history to just help your candidate's chances in November.
Don Ordway August 09, 2012 at 12:51 AM
RunningGreen that was not my intent. I was side tracked by a computer SNAFU. First of all that was a quote from a Baptist Minister regarding how do you kill 8 million people. You lie to them. I was comparing that quote to the entire administration from health care and the lack of transparancy we were promised to most of the Presidents policies that must be voted on before we can see what's in them. Which turned out to be a series of lies. That has been the problem with the entire administrstion they will say whatever it takes to get people to go along with them. Zero transparancy. The truth matters. I think his foreign policy speaks for its self. I want to clarify one other point. I stated Romney warned Iran and its neighbors that we will stand by them, meaning the people of Israel.
RunningGreen August 09, 2012 at 12:59 AM
That's different. In your original post, it seemed like you were trying to compare the Nazi's policy of lying about the Jews to Obama's current policies. I tied your quote to the Holocaust, which I'm sure you can understand why that prompted my response. Still, events like genocides really can't be nor should be compared to one another. Each one is a tragedy and shouldn't be brought up in political debates. You are certainly entitled to your criticism; I just don't like bringing those types of things into the fold.
Don Ordway August 09, 2012 at 03:38 AM
RunningGreen thank you for caring. I support the Jewish people as best I can. I wrote and article in Patch about a month ago about the Isreali nuclear threat. General Jerry Boykin whom led the attack in Somalia Black Hawk Down was the guest speaker he has aroused my concern for their future. Hopefully Ben Netenyahu will soon deal with the problem facing them. There is apathy at the Temple in Stoughton as well. Watchful waiting is very dangerous. I think the country Israel 8-10 million people have stayed alive with an enemy list of I think 250 million. General Boykin stated the only reason they are alive is the protective hand of God. God bless America and our friends in Israel.
Steve Crane August 10, 2012 at 12:33 AM
I agree. And I also share your pleasure with the tone of our discussion. Thanks for catalyzing it Don.
Don Ordway August 10, 2012 at 12:56 AM
Steve keep pushing we need more people that care about the direction we are heading. In my opinion there may be no turning back if Romney doesn't come to the rescue. I may be wrong but I am deadly serious. Do not under estimate the power of Ahmadinejad has. He claims to have no power and promises to step down in the fall, both acts are to buy time. He hopes that removing himself as a threat will hurt Romney. He hopes to negotiate with President Obama. I asked Rabbi Hausman how do you negotiate with Ahmadinejad a person that does not mean a word he says, of course the Iranian could ask the same quetion of the President.


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