Ring, Ring, Ring.....

Vote for ideas that will save us from the financial disaster we are now in. Some may think everything is fine. You are very, very, wrong. The Country is ready to implode!


Are the elections getting you down. If you're happy today you're probably not answering your phone. 

How many phone calls do you expect to receive today asking for campaign contributions?  I consider these phone calls to be a major distraction from getting the real job done, winning an election without buying one should become our goal.

The people must say enough; It's time for new ideas giving the people their own Declaration of Independence from government. Driving a stake through socialism. Socialism which is the "Road toward Serfdom" (slavery).   

The phone callers have become arrogant and they simply will not take NO for an answer. Do they inspire new contributions from you, or do you dig in knowing that you will be placed on someone elses call list? Their appetite can never be satisfied. 

I am not impressed with the expert opinions stating that elections are about raising money. As Bess Truman would say that's pure bull manure, Harry.

It does cost money to run for any office, but money is certainly not a replacement for ideas.

Elections are not about parties or street money; they are about ideas. It's amazing how far a powerful well presented idea will travel. Even the media will start publishing the ideas; because the public will demand them to cover all of the candidates with ideas. Sooner or later the media will see an increase in sales an start paying closer attention. Real Americans will usually place country over party.

Polititians must develope solutions for problems freeing Americans from the bondage of being a welfare slave.  They need businesses to hire the unemployed giving them jobs and getting the government off the backs of small and large business leaders.

We have to ask ourselves if the government really wants to solve our problems because of a sense of fear of losing their power. If they in fact do want to solve these problems they are going about it the wrong way doing more harm than good. Again using money not ideas as a lever to correct problems. It's time to give up the bike races and listen to new ideas from the people that elect them. It's hard to convince the public that we are in trouble if our leaders are not focused on solutions.  It's time for our leaders to join the fight instead of leaving it up to the boots on the ground to do it all for them.

Leaders must give their supporters something to support.

I believe it was Nancy Pelosi that said an unemployment check is just as good as a paycheck. Which mansion did she grow up in? Again pure horse manure.

The world is waiting for the United States of America to lead, we need leaders in order to do that. If Americans do the right thing the world will benefit.  If we do the wrong thing we will suffer for a half century or more.  WAKE-UP AMERICA!

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Don Ordway August 09, 2012 at 12:51 AM
RunningGreen that was not my intent. I was side tracked by a computer SNAFU. First of all that was a quote from a Baptist Minister regarding how do you kill 8 million people. You lie to them. I was comparing that quote to the entire administration from health care and the lack of transparancy we were promised to most of the Presidents policies that must be voted on before we can see what's in them. Which turned out to be a series of lies. That has been the problem with the entire administrstion they will say whatever it takes to get people to go along with them. Zero transparancy. The truth matters. I think his foreign policy speaks for its self. I want to clarify one other point. I stated Romney warned Iran and its neighbors that we will stand by them, meaning the people of Israel.
RunningGreen August 09, 2012 at 12:59 AM
That's different. In your original post, it seemed like you were trying to compare the Nazi's policy of lying about the Jews to Obama's current policies. I tied your quote to the Holocaust, which I'm sure you can understand why that prompted my response. Still, events like genocides really can't be nor should be compared to one another. Each one is a tragedy and shouldn't be brought up in political debates. You are certainly entitled to your criticism; I just don't like bringing those types of things into the fold.
Don Ordway August 09, 2012 at 03:38 AM
RunningGreen thank you for caring. I support the Jewish people as best I can. I wrote and article in Patch about a month ago about the Isreali nuclear threat. General Jerry Boykin whom led the attack in Somalia Black Hawk Down was the guest speaker he has aroused my concern for their future. Hopefully Ben Netenyahu will soon deal with the problem facing them. There is apathy at the Temple in Stoughton as well. Watchful waiting is very dangerous. I think the country Israel 8-10 million people have stayed alive with an enemy list of I think 250 million. General Boykin stated the only reason they are alive is the protective hand of God. God bless America and our friends in Israel.
Steve Crane August 10, 2012 at 12:33 AM
I agree. And I also share your pleasure with the tone of our discussion. Thanks for catalyzing it Don.
Don Ordway August 10, 2012 at 12:56 AM
Steve keep pushing we need more people that care about the direction we are heading. In my opinion there may be no turning back if Romney doesn't come to the rescue. I may be wrong but I am deadly serious. Do not under estimate the power of Ahmadinejad has. He claims to have no power and promises to step down in the fall, both acts are to buy time. He hopes that removing himself as a threat will hurt Romney. He hopes to negotiate with President Obama. I asked Rabbi Hausman how do you negotiate with Ahmadinejad a person that does not mean a word he says, of course the Iranian could ask the same quetion of the President.


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