The General Speaks

I have an urgent message that I recieved from General Jerry Boykin (Black Hawk Down) that will open many eyes and minds.

Recently I spent an evening at the Ahavath Torah Congregation Temple. 
Rabbi Jonathan Hausman sponsors a lecture series there that includes
guests eager to share knowledge that they alone may possess.

General Jerry Boykin described “Rabbi Jonathan Hausman as a man with the heart of a Lion and the mind of a warrior”. The Rabbi certainly understands the danger we are facing and responds vigorously to that need.

On this night LTG (Ret.) Jerry Boykin spoke about a Generals perspective on U. S. /Israeli Relations. He refers to our relationship with Israeli’s as “The ties that bind.

According to General Boykin he is not paid for his contribution to come to the Temple in Stoughton, MA. It is clear that his passion for the Israeli plight has driven him, not just the Jews. It seems to provides an outlet to share his knowledge with the many that need a wake-up call. On the one hand General Boykin is an ordained minister and strong leader with strong religious faith, and as a warrior he is committed to work toward peace. “It’s the man of peace that goes to war.” On the other hand you would not want him hunting you down.

When General Jerry Boykin took an oath nearly 37 years ago as every member of the military does; he swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States as long as he should live. There was no expiration date stamp on it. The oath was not just words; the General meant exactly what he said, and repeated it before us.

The General believes the greatest threat to our Constitution today is the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law.  The U.S. Government has been infiltrated by Sharia sympathizers according to the General. Nearly every department of our government has Sharia sympathizers at high level positions. People of concern are Janet Napolitano; Robert Mueller; Hilary Clinton; and Eric Holder. Some have been very, very accommodating to the Muslim Brotherhood.

FBI Director Mueller has rewritten and revised some of the FBI training procedures. The Justice Department has written Visa’s for known terrorist. Judges in America have used Sharia law which is against the Constitution.

The Muslim Brotherhood claim to be a religion of peace, but there’s no evidence to support that. 

According to Sharia law beheading is a requirement should you fail to convert to their faith. It is common practice for women to be stoned to death or to be beaten by her husband for even less than adulterous crimes. Muslim’s that oppose Sharia have no voice. Islam under Sharia law and democracy are not compatible with each other.  The two can never co-exist.  This is happening in Europe today where Europeans are unable to defend themselves because all of their money has been spent on socialist social programs.

Colleges and Schools of higher learning in this country have also been infiltrated by Muslims and Islamic sympathizers. The Muslim Brotherhood is not secular as they would like you to believe, read the name of their group, it’s embedded in the name.

The General has a book that appears to describe his character perfectly. “Never

General Boykin believes that “a war between Israel and those that have sworn to kill them will happen and when it does it will cut the globe in half.

Boykin spends a great deal of time in Israel studying and trying to learn from the country and its people. This better prepares him when he attempts to spread the word of the Jewish/Israeli plight. It was clear that he maintains a strong bond with all Israeli’s. In fact he promised to always stand strong at Israel’s side.

He proclaimed that America’s strong relationship with the Jewish people extends backward to George Washington. In a letter President Washington told the Jewish population in Savannah, GA. that Americans would support them.

"President Truman was a gift from God and became our President when he found himself in the right place at the right time ensuring their settlement in Israel." I believe at the time Israel was made up of 6 million Jews in a nation of 7.2 million people. They are surrounded by 250 million people and most are not good neighbors.  General Boykin asks why are the Israeli’s still there. His answer is because of the protective hand of God. Only God can save them.

The American soldier is a man of peace, hoping to rid the world of evil, according to Boykin.

Early in his presentation we were warned that Ahmadinejad is not the clever clown he hopes to portrait; instead he is a very, very dangerous man. The mass annihilation of Jews would create the return of the messiah as a reward to Ahmadinejad according to Islamic beliefs.

General Jerry Boykin became a member of the Delta Forces when it was first created. He was the leader in the battle of Mogadishu located in Somalia. Most of the world is aware of that battle and the movie that followed “Black
Hawk Down.”

The U.S. Troops were badly out numbered. There were about 90 U.S. Forces facing tens of thousands of drug crazed enemy troops.  The 18 hour battle
became extremely bloody. The body count was 18 U.S. with 17 wounded. The
General was also wounded.

After the evacuation took place and the casualties were counted and identified. As the General lowered the transport vehicle tailgate he was startled by the blood pouring out of the back of the truck released from the dead heroes. They unzipped a body bag and it contained a young American warrior that was now ashen in color. Emotionally overcome the General asked his aides a question that continues to haunt him today. Did I do everything that I should have done? Did I do everything that I should have done? He then looked up at the audience waiting for guidance and he quietly stated let us pray that God will forgive America for ignoring his teachings.  He then asked everyone in attendance to please
ask yourselves the same question. Did you do everything that you could have
done or did you take the easy way out?

The U.S. soldier faces unnecessary danger in Afghanistan today. Before shooting at an enemy target that is shooting at him; he must first receive permission to return fire placing innocent lives in jeopardy.

When an American bomb kills innocent people in an attempt to take out a terrorist killing Americans we attempt to blame the soldier trying to protect themselves.  The guilty person is the person hiding behind his family.  War is Hell.  We are attempting to bring peace, not serve as sitting ducks. “At one time we fought wars with winning on our minds. Today we fight with the expectation of winning the hearts and minds of terrorist. WILL THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF PLEASE STAND-UP?

The General informed us that a pardon for the blind sheik is under consideration. Naturally the prosecutor that prosecuted the blind sheik has reason for concern since the request for pardon is coming from high level government sympathizers. This is one man he never expected back on the streets. Now you understand why it is difficult to locate witnesses. The blind Sheik tried to blow up the World Trade Center in the early 90’s.

The lecture was opened up and the guests were given the opportunity to ask questions.

1.    Will the U.S. support Israel should they be attacked?

Answer – If
the attack on Israel is prior to our election congress will side with Israel. Netanyahu addressed congress a few months ago on Iran; he received 26 standing ovations. Should an attack following the election take place the support from the U.S. could be quite different if the President is re-elected. Congress and the
President’s position are harder to predict as they prepare for a new term after
dodging the bullets.

2.    The next question came from a legal immigrant to the U.S.; as he reported how proud he was to be an American. He became a little emotional.

Answer – General Boykin stated that he never saw a legal immigrant escape tearing up with emotion when he proudly stated his allegiance to their new country, America.

3.    How do you convince Jewish people to vote for a candidate that is not Obama?

Answer – General Boykin smiled and answered by saying that he is not God.

4.    The general was asked how do you get young people involved in the world they are about to take over?

Answer – The General admitted that it was not easy. They don’t trust the Media. The media does not provide the information they have. The social media is consuming them. They have their own priorities such as college loans, mortgages. They are overwhelmed in their minds.

5.    General Boykin was asked if he thought President Obama was a Muslim.

Answer - The General stated that he did not know if the President was a Muslim. He has had Muslim training most of his life; Reverend Jeremiah Wright was once a Muslim under Louis Farrakan.  Therefore his religious training and lifestyle training is Muslim.  Certainly the President governs as a Muslim would, he replied.

The General concluded the evening stating that U.S. Foreign policy must support Israel. America will pay a price spiritually if we fail to do that.” It was clear to me that the General believed God will protect Israeli's. “The Muslim Brotherhood can bring it on because they will never destroy Israel, God will not allow that to happen”. That is why we must be at their side and Gods side.

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