Before The Storm Strikes, Escape To The City For The Day

Boston has a great deal to offer, by land and by sea.

Looking for an adventure but trying to decide between a peaceful ocean getaway and a day in the city?  Why not do both without a lot of unnecessary travel.   Boston is close by and can accommodate a tranquil day spent hiking, boating, and swimming as well as an evening of great food and night life.

Within Boston Harbor, there are several islands that are open to the public, with the two most popular being Spectacle Island and Georges Island. Managed by Massachusetts Conservation and Recreation, these islands are host to easy walking trails and fabulous vistas of the Boston skyline and the harbor’s horizon.  Georges Island boasts Fort Warren, a National Historical landmark used during the civil war and can be explored with a free tour or on one’s own. Spectacle Island is home to five miles of walking trails and a sandy beach complete with a lifeguard.  With hourly ferry trips provided at a cost by Boston’s Best Cruises to the mainland as well as a ferry that will shuttle you between the islands, planning an excursion that fits your desires is simple.

Ferry departures and arrivals occur at Long Wharf-North located next to a culturally rich waterfront community.  After enjoying a relaxing day communing with nature, enjoy a trip into Boston’s historic North End to indulge in an Italian meal at one of the amazing restaurants or cafes.  Don’t forget to save room for a cannoli at a local pastry shop as well (Mike’s Pastry is a personal favorite).

Enjoy the best of both worlds by spending a day cruising out to view the oldest American lighthouse and the evening dining in Boston’s oldest residential area.  Planning an escape that has a little bit of everything can be found close to home in Boston.


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