Homicide Suspect Arrested Again in New Hampshire

Brown arrested at his home Sunday night.

Edward Alan Brown, already facing a manslaughter charge in back in 1969, has been arrested again, this time at his home in Londonderry, NH.

According to the web site www.londonderrynh.net, Brown allegedly threatened to kill his wife and then himself with a .38 caliber handgun. He allegedly made the threat while at work in Salem, Sunday evening.

Londonderry Police learned about the threat and that night, according to the web site, they attempted to call the Brown home. The first call was answered and then quickly disconnected. Several other attempts went directly to voice mail.

At 10:12 p.m. Dispatch successfully reached Brown at his home and convinced him to step outside the home to speak to waiting officers. Once Brown stepped outside, he was taken into custody. He was charged with criminal threatening. It is not known if his wife was home at the time or whether police found a gun in the residence.

Brown was one of three men arrested on April 15 in connection with the death of McCabe. Walter Shelley of Tewksbury faces a murder charge. Michael Ferreira of Salem, NH, was charged with murder as a juvenile (he was 15 at the time of the killing) but is also charged with perjury and impeding an investigation. All three are due back in Lowell District Court on May 26.

Ferreira and Shelley are each being held on $500,000 cash bail. Brown, who confessed to his involvement in McCabe's death and  implicated the other two during questioning by police in March, is charged with manslaughter and had been free on personal recognizance.

McCabe was walking home from a dance at the Knights of Columbus when he was approached by a vehicle driven by Shelley. According to court documents, Brown told police Ferreira forced McCabe into the car, where he was beaten, while Shelley drove around. Ultimately, Shelley, 18, drove to a field of Maple Street in Lowell. According to Brown, he and Shelley held down McCabe, while Ferreira got tape and rope from the car. Brown, 17 at the time, said Ferreira then taped McCabes eyes and mouth shut and tied his hands behind his back.

According to Brown, Ferreira then tied his ankles together and then tied the rope from the ankles up around McCabe's neck. This is a bondage technique commonly referred to as a "reverse shrimp tie" or a "hog-tie strangle." In this entrapment, McCabe gradually choked out as his legs tired and relaxed, tightening the rope around his neck.

The trio then left the scene and, according to Brown, came back an hour or two later to find McCabe dead. Brown said the trio agreed to keep their involvement in the death a secret after Ferreira allegedly threatened to kill the other two if they talked.

Dan May 04, 2011 at 01:50 PM
Free on personal recognizance, Arrested Again!!!!!!! Why isn't this guy behind bars, are they waiting for him to kill someone else or himself????


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