How Do You Explain To Kids That You Have To Move?

Telling children that they have to leave their friends and school can be a delicate operation.

Moving can be traumatic for anyone.

It can be especially traumatic for children, who have to leave friends, their school and sometimes, even family members.

This week, the Tewksbury Patch Moms Council tackles this delicate subject.


If you have young children, how do you go about explaining to them that you are moving to a new new house and maybe a new town and leave everything they know?


Lisa Spinelli-White -- I grew up moving around a lot and my daughter (and future kids) might wind up doing the same for a while too. I think it all depends on if you are moving back to the area or leaving for good. Being completely honest and comforting is key. I remember having to move away from Rome when I was young and all my friends and being told we were probably not coming back. The thought was devastating but talking about all the positives where we were moving to, Northern Virginia, helped soften the blow. Buying kids a new toy for the plane-ride and a new something when you arrive in the new location also helped.

Linda Rowe -- I've never had to go through this.  I still live in the home my children were born and raised in.  Although they have grown up and moved out, I still consider this our family home.  They know at any point in life the door is always open for them to return..alone or with their own family. I do think it is easier the younger the child.  During the pre teen and teen years, I think its harder for a child to make friends or " fit in".

Sue Panilaitis -- I know that when we moved with 2 kids (aged 4 and 5 at the time), we did a lot of prep work to make the transition work.  We gave the kids plenty of time ahead of the move to process what was happening.  We read children's books on moving, visited our new home frequently before the move, and allowed lots of time for questions and conversation.  Thankfully we were also able to move in the early summer, before the start of school and with plenty of time during the summer to get used to a new environment.  Remaining upbeat and positive about the whole experience is also key.

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