Jack Bieren Has Raised More than $6,000 for Cancer Research

Third-grader a veteran of Relay for Life.

Jack Bieren, 8

Third grade,

Accomplishment: Jack has raised more than $6,000 for the American Society by participating in Relay for Life for the last four years.

Reason for Awesomeness: In nominating her son Jack as a Whiz Kid, Karen Bieren said, "Jack has participated in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life for four years.  He has raised approximately $6000 for cancer.  Every year he chooses someone to walk for that beat cancer or is currently fighting cancer.  In kindergarten Jack walked for his teacher, Patricia Elwell who is a cancer survivor.  Last year he walked for his friend Katie Diamond.  Katie was a student at Tewksbury High School fighting thyroid cancer.  She continues the fight as she attends Framingham State College.  This year Jack is walking for his grandmother, Lena Crowley. His "Nonnie" was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  Jack formed his own team this year called the Cancer Fighters.  He said, "I'm a five star general at war with cancer and the Cancer Fighters are Nonnie's army."  He donates his money from good report cards, Christmas, birthday, allowance - any money he receives gets donated right to Relay for Life.  He is an awesome Whiz Kid with a great big heart of gold!"

Editor's Note: This marks our final Whiz Kid article. Thank you to everyone for their nominations. We will definitely be looking to profile the talented and outstanding young people of Tewksbury.  However, the Whiz Kid column has retired as a weekly feature. We'd rather include the youngsters, teens and youth of Tewksbury in our regular coverage as often as possible, so please keep sending your tips, suggestions and comments to williamg@patch.com

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