Tewksbury Patch Reader Comments of the Week

Some of the top comments from our readers over the past week.

Here are some of our top reader comments from the past week.

"I love this new blog. I have to say it makes for great reading. I have a question for you. What do you think is an appropriate gift for my neighbor who is recovering from knee surgery? He is going to be housebound for a few weeks. His wife says he needs nothing, but I still want to get something..any advice?" Reader Dan's Friend, commenting on the new blog, "Patched In -The New Advice blog".

"It looked like Obama was the rag that wiped the floor. No teleprompter. No media spin. Just Barack, alone, in front of 50 million Americans. What a total bummer." reader Steevo, commenting on the article, "Massachusetts Reacts Live to the Romney-Obama Debate."


"I walked in one day because I have a Gecko from this place I got ages ago and needed crickets and before I got fully inside saw one of the shelves was empty and nearly freaked out thinking they were going out of business or something. Then I went in. I was totally floored when I realized they'd expanded. These guys area great example of a business in Tewksbury that is a great success!" Reader Sarah, commenting on the story, "Pets Plus Expands Its Operation In a Big Way."


"Mary, then why is he ducking a debate from an impartial organization like the Patch? This isn't FNC or ABC. Seems like Jim is like Tierney and wants to control the message and questions. What happened to open government? He does work for us after all." Reader Bob, commenting on the story, "Is Tewksbury Patch Sponsoring a State Rep. Debate?"


"What a breath of fresh air!!! Rick, kudos for trying to hold our elected officials accountable, they are after all, looking out for the Town and us. Great points, lets add the former Caldwell Banker property on Main st, the owners need to buff that place up, vacant or not, its a disgrace! We need to get a handle on the doings of this town, I appreciate what Mr Gay is trying to do with trying to get businesses to move to town, along with others. Lets open the book and all get on the same page....I see a future for you Rick, could it be a challenge to sit on the BOS ? You have my vote! Remember Tewksbury elected officials, "All politics, is local"......" Reader Michael Adams, commenting on the Blog Post, "Great Blogs Doug...."

John Moulaison October 07, 2012 at 10:29 PM
Whatever happened to customer service ? I ordered pizza from Villa Roma and they gave me the wrong pizza . They told me that I had to come back to get the new one or it would be about an hour for delievery . All she said was sorry ,the best they could do . Guess they don't need my money .
TewksTownie October 10, 2012 at 02:39 PM
John Moulaison, I've had a similar problem with Villa Roma! The young lady who usually answers the phone there more often than not is incredibly rude! Customers are simply looking to order a pizza or sub, not ask for rocket science information. I've had several problems there, and although their food is very good, I've taken my business elsewhere. There are many small pizza shops in the area that has great food and helpful workers (who aren't rude either!) The staff at Anthony's is very nice (their subs are great too), and I've recently trekked to Giovanni's where everyone there was very nice and I tried their chicken/broccoli/cheese calzone and it was delicious!


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