VIDEO: Inside the Tew-Mac Tavern

Known for its made from scratch dishes and its signature flair, the Tew-Mac Tavern will delight any foodie.

At the Tew-Mac Tavern, you'll find no bags, no preservatives, and certainly no microwaves.

"Everything is made with hands," says Tew-Mac's General Manager Bob Leo, "We make our own salad dressing, our own chowder.  We mash potatoes every morning.  We roast Turkeys every day.  To us, it's important that we make our own food."

The Tavern's menu ranges from sandwiches to full-course dinners.  Leo says the Tavern's mission is to give diners the chance to enjoy home-cooked comfort food, but with a Tew-Mac twist.

"We might serve you a basket of onion rings," Leo says, "but it has a nice spicy Chipotle sauce."

Leo credits the quality of the food to the chef's behind the kitchen.  He says he looks for "restaurant rats," people who want to be in the kitchen and have been there for a long time.  As for service, Leo says the staff is always willing to bend for the customer.

"If there's something you like but you don't see it, we'll make it for you.  If you want to substitute this for that, not a problem," says Leo.

The Tew-Mac tavern is membership free, so all are welcome.  The Tavern is open year-round, and in the summer, they open up an outdoor patio overlooking the golf course.

For the last two years, the Tewksbury Country Club's been awarded the best place to get married by The Knot magazine.  The tavern has also recieved a number of local awards. 

Carol June 21, 2011 at 03:29 PM
I love this Place...people are so friendly and the food is good.
reed atamian June 21, 2011 at 07:44 PM
Some of the best food you can eat ! And of course great service . Reed Atamian


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