Welcome To The Latest Edition of Social Media Sunday

What have Tewksbury Patch readers been talking about this week.

Welcome to the latest edition of Social Media Sunday!

Here's what you've been talking about and following this week.

Facebook Poll Question of the Week

Do you support a privately funded artificial turf field with lighting for night games at the new Tewksbury High?

  • Yes, a fully lit field will generate revenue and save the taxpayers money -- 9 votes
  • No, the impact on the neighborhood would be too much -- 1 vote
  • What Would the field be used for -- 1 vote

Story Creating a Buzz This Week

A story on the plan being floated by a community group to build a privately funded, fully it, artificial turf field at the new Tewksbury High generated several comments. Here is a sampling:

From Karyn -- "Good for the residents who will be most effected coming out...if you don't stand up for your rights, no one else will. I guess the promises made to work with the residents will remain to be seen, but I'm glad to see more outreach being done now as it WASN'T in the past."

From Citizen -- "A key point that needs to be made is that the issues these residents have will not be going away if this group is not successful in improving the stadium. There will be a football stadium there. There will be increased traffic on game days. There will be noise. Hopefully the town will look at making the required improvements for the abutters."

From Tewksbury Parent -- "Make no mistake...this is ALL about a football stadium. The one at Ryan is old and it's cheaper to conveniently 'change' the plans at the high school and stuff it in there instead tearing down and rebuilding on the current site. The Redmen club is selling this as a "Community" stadium just to get enough support around town to push it through.They're purposely not using the word 'football' because a lot of people in town don't like them."

Two Facebook Pages Worth "Liking"

The Ashley Sullivan Fan Page

Friends of the Tewksbury Public Library

Twitter Account Worth Following


Blog Post of the Week

Just Get Another Credit Card -- Don Ordway, head of the Tewksbury GOP Committee debuts as a blogger with a bang, blasting liberal spending habits and econimic policies.



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