Who Is The Ames Castle Named After?

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This week, we were asked who exactly is Gen. Adelbert Ames - the namesake of the Tewksbury castle?

So who exacly was Gen. Adelbert Ames?

After serving in the Civil War, Ames moved to Mississippi, where he served as governor and senator.

When Ames was done serving, he moved to Minesota to help his father and brother with their flour business. He later moved to New York and then Tewksbury. According to Generals in Blue: Lives of the Union Commanders written by Ezra Warner, he served as the head of a flour mill in Lowell, while he lived in Tewksbury.

After serving in the Spanish-American War, Ames retired to Lowell.

Ames died in 1933 at age 97 in his winter home in Ormond Beach, Florida. At the time of his death, Ames was the last surviving general who had served in the Civil War. Ames is buried in the Hildreth family cemetery in Lowell.

According to an article written by Stephen Bjork, before his death Ames’ wife, Blanche Butler, the daughter of Benjamin Butler of Lowell said he bought 700 acres on Prospect Hill in Tewksbury and eventually built the 17-room home known locally as “The Castle.” Ames split his time primarily between Tewksbury and Florida.


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