Are You Disappointed in Tewksbury's Election Day Turnout?

Just 7.4 percent of Tewksbury's registered voters came to the polls on Saturday.

There was low voter turnout in Tewksbury this year.
There was low voter turnout in Tewksbury this year.
With just one contested race, it was a slow Election Day in Tewksbury.

In case you missed it on Saturday, Jerry Selissen toppled Doug Sears by a vote of 885-640 to earn a term as Tewksbury Town Moderator.

That was the only contested race on the ballot, and it showed at the polls with a low voter turnout.

Seven candidates were successfully sworn into office after running uncontested, including members who were added to the Board of Selectmen and School Committee.

In total, only 1,571 ballots were cast on Saturday out of the 21,098 registered voters, a turnout of about 7.4 percent.

Doing the math, that turns out to be an average of 130 voters per hour during the 12 hours the polls were open. Split between the four polling locations, that's an average of 32 voters per venue each hour.

We want to know your feelings on the low voter turnout in Tewksbury this year.

Are you disappointed only 7.4 percent of residents voted? If you didn't vote, what was your reason? When you do vote on Election Day, what draws you to the polls? Are you happy with the officials who will take office this year? Do uncontested races mean disinterest from the community, or are they a sign that the community is happy with how boards are currently constructed?

Let us know your thoughts on these questions and everything else election related in the comments section below.
Donna Marie Robitaille April 09, 2014 at 06:23 AM
Good Morning Rob R. Whether or not I am correct, I am going to post a comment to your 10:56pm post last night and assume it was a wisecrack remark from You to my comment posted at 10:17 last night. Ok here goes. You are rude. Regardless of what You think of me, your sick response is evident that you need some help to cope in this world. I decided to sign off the subject of the election for reasons having Nothing to do with your bully posting. I would expect some people will maintain their opinion of me no matter how hard I try to explain or prove things, I can respect that. I decided to cease talking about that subject because there were patch posts that made sense even from those that seemed against me. It was not for the name calling from faceless nameless coward posts You have wrote to and about me. I respect the Town of Tewksbury, our town officials and residents alike. I wrote the post that I believe you answered , with all due respect and sincerity for concerned residents that really wanted to move on past my constant replies to posts about the election result subject. I am going to end this post saying you as usual are a poor example of what a good resident should be. You do not know how to agree to disagree. That is obvious to me. I learned that your posts are clearly made up mostly of coward comments written to degrade others. I will write a post next to respond in detail of why it is of my belief that all the above just said pertaining to you is true.
Donna Marie Robitaille April 09, 2014 at 07:08 AM
Responding to Rob R. I made a sincere post to Tewksbury residents using patch saying that I wish all residents well,whether we agree or disagree. I asked residents to keep in mind to always support our first responders. YOU chose to reply(and it was a reply) saying nothing useful for the good of community. I will inform you now that on Monday morning, my mother had a heart attack and thank God ,911 was dialed. THE TEWKSBURY-SOUTH TEWKSBURY FIRE DEPARTMENT responded. Their immediate arrival saved my mother's life. The Tewksbury POLICE DEPARTMENT through the 911 dispatcher kept me calm, insisting on staying with him on the phone until help could arrive. I always have supported our first responders, which as you know from reading my patch posts since January. This time I wrote a comment of support because more than ever it should have been said. I also said, in my post written, that I wish all residents and their families to be healthy and safe-whether we agree or not. The fact that you responding in a tone to belittle my post, doesn't surprise me. With or without that family emergency, I would have said the same thing. I suggest to you that a better response should have included agreeing with me that you too hope all residents and their families remain healthy and safe. I suggest it would have been right for you to agree (or not say anything at all) that it is important to always remember and support the TEWKSBURY FIRE AND POLICE. Rob R. You did not have to nor would I expected it of you, to wish me or my family well. I do believe,whomever you are, that your post should have include a statement of agreement regarding wishing all residents and their families well and a statement of agreement to always support our first responders. YOU chose not to do so because as I said from learning reading your patch posts since January-you are unable to agree with something someone that you do not like says. I will honor my word to move on to participate in on patch with respect for others by speaking about something other than the election. Your the one that was unable to do so. At the same time You proved your inability to agree with any thing I say, even if it is just and right. From a strong smart,above all grateful Tewksbury citizen, DonnaMarie
Rob R April 09, 2014 at 08:18 AM
@Donna, the major reasons in my opinion why people are posting in opposition of you is because of your ridiculous ramblings. Sorry to hear about your mom and glad to hear she received the help she needed. I sincerely hope you find whatever it is you're looking for. TomH tried to help you at first but instead ended up like the rest of us receiving one of your less than kind responses. You need to show rather than just claim you're this kind, loving, caring, wonderful person you want us to believe you are. Now that the election is over let's focus on the future.
TomH April 09, 2014 at 09:35 AM
Donna, good to hear that the Tewksbury Fire department was able to help you and your mom in such a timely manner. It's time to move on from the elections and look to the future. Its time to care for our families and hope the Red Sox can resolve their pitching issues.....
Karin Theodoros Zaroulis April 13, 2014 at 07:40 PM
My opinion is that the Town elections should coincide with the state and national in the fall. The people who have remarked on how too many did not even know there WAS an election are 100% correct. The fact that the Town message board in the Town center is missing one side, and then dedicated only one of the other sides to the election hurt. The only side that was allocated to the issue was the weakest side and it was so super-overpacked with more info than needed that no driver could have read it. It was worthless from all sides. If there is an election, the entire board from all directions should be advertising that fact. I hope it gets replaced soon and I hope it gets replaced with a led four sided sign board. It's 2014, Let's get with it....


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