One Year as a Selectman

It’s been almost a year since the voters of Tewksbury provided me with a unique opportunity to serve a three-year term as a member of the Board of Selectmen.  I ran because I wanted to accomplish three main objectives:

1)      Increase the Economic Development opportunities in our town in order to reduce the tax burden on our residents

2)      Support more town events to bring together our residents in order to make us more of a community.

3)      Increase the engagement of more residents in the town.

In regards to the first issue, I’ve become much more informed, frustrated and determined since I was elected. One of the first things that I did was talk with Town Manager Richard Montuori and Director of Community Development Steve Sadwick. We identified some areas where we would like to see increased development. They are as follows:

-  The area behind John Ryan’s Pub – The owners live outside the state and have leased the property to Stop and Shop. Their lease is in affect for another 14 years. The lease payments and taxes are paid year after year so there is no motivation from the land owner for that land to be developed.

-    Funland – the land across from the Tewksbury Country Club – the land owner has valued his property at a level that has dissuaded others from purchasing this property. Unless that changes, we will deal with the status quo.

- 10 Acres next to Home Depot off exit 38. This land is owned by Market Basket and as of now, they are not interested in leasing or selling that land.

- Ames Pond – there has been a lot of interest in this property since the vote against the casino. I’m still very disappointed that we didn’t pass the casino as this was an incredible economic development opportunity and it would have been able us to lower taxes or at least not raise taxes on my fellow residents. With that said, I’m proud that we brought the vote to the residents and they decided at town meeting. I still firmly believe that we would have been chosen as the slots location and we would have benefited significantly by being a hosting community. Now it’s being viewed as a residential complex

 -  Our Town Manager Richard Montuori and Director of Community Development Steve Sadwick have been a huge help in driving new business and working with existing businesses. It’s been a big realization that a lot of the economic development is out of our control. When these opportunities come to Richard and Steve, we better be ready to address their issues and concerns.

In regards to the second issue, I talked with the Town Manager about having an events committee because of my interest in having a yearly town fair.

Based upon our discussions, we organized a Town Events Committee which is now responsible for the Christmas Celebration, the July 4th Celebration (in conjunction with the patriotic activities committee), and the Tewksbury Town Fair.

As an aside, I talked to a lot of residents about the beautification of our town. In response, we have put together a Town Beautification Committee so I’m looking forward to the work of this committee.

Last night, our two State Representatives, Jim Miceli and Jim Lyons came to meet with us. Just as an aside, we wanted to talk with the two reps separately and based upon our experience last night, our intuition was right. Moving forward, we want to hear from our reps separately.

I have called Representative Lyons about numerous Tewksbury Issues and he has supported each one, while, Representative Miceli, in my opinion, has not supported this board on any major issue during my tenure. It started when I was not a member of any board but a big advocate of the new high school. We wanted Representative Miceli’s support but he was unwilling to provide us with his support until the week before the vote. By then, it was all said and done. 

In addition, Representative Miceli never called the Tewksbury Board of Selectmen when we were working with the Tewksbury Firefighters on their new contract yet he asked to speak at our Town Meeting. He spoke in support of the Firefighters’s Union after never talking with anyone from the Board of Selectmen or even the Town Manager regarding our point of view.

Finally, Representative Miceli never called any of the Tewksbury Board of Selectmen when we were working through the casino issue yet he asked to speak at Town Meeting. It was curious because the Planning Board, the Board of Selectmen, the Chief of Police, the Fire Chief were all in favor, yet Representative Miceli never asked us why we were all in favor. I did talk to Representative Lyons before the vote. He told me that he was not supportive of the casino but if our community voted in favor of it, he would work with us to get it passed. That, to me, is the ultimate in terms of representation from our state delegation.

So, with that said, I will continue to provide information to my fellow residents regarding my experience as a Tewksbury Selectmen. I am proud to serve with Todd, David, Doug and Scott and I firmly believe that our town is very fortunate to have Town Manager Richard Montuori leading our departments in town. There were many issues that needed to be cleaned up and addressed and I am very confident in the leadership of all of our town departments as we move forward as a community.

I have reposted this blog after making some additions this morning.

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Donna Marie Robitaille March 21, 2014 at 02:22 PM
Shelly your not funny at all but I am glad Jennifer could point out that we must laugh at your comments. It is people like you that cause me to react and I am glad for that. I wanted to scream support Krocmal Farm for all the right reasons. Thankyou for giving me the cue to do so. Have a nice weekend but stay tuned for an announcement you may want hear. PS Tewksbury is all about the politics. Why do you think the moderator race is contested?? Just saying that to make a point Not to jolt a discussion for those supporting either candidate. I think you and others so upset with my take on things should try as Jennifer did to engage in reasons for disagreement and expression for other views. Then respond for mindful debate. Name calling and foolishness is all you got. Looking forward to moving on to reasonable discussions even if it is with those with different opinions. I love this town as many do. Don't expect me to go away because it is next to impossible for me to ignore my sincere hopes to serve in our town government.
Shelly March 21, 2014 at 03:03 PM
I never said I was funny nor was I trying to be, but lighten up Donna, we are not talking world peace here, let's keep things in perspective. Donna you are writing novels on here and expect people to take you serious? Donna do you not realize that Jennifer stated that the only reason that she would ever consider running for an elected seat would be to stop you? Really, that is ok with you? But I am wrong and obviously lacking any character as Rob put it, so I should move on? see ya
Donna Marie Robitaille March 21, 2014 at 04:06 PM
Shelly, to me..we are talking world peace. At my age, all I care about is caring about what I care about. Home is where the heart is. Yes I do realize what Jennifer said and I can understand why she said that. She strongly believes in her views, as I do mine. That is acceptable. As I said, politics is part of the fabric here. It is often for the good and even those not political minded can easily get attached to one side or the other in Tewksbury. I think our form of government has everything to do with it. I would like to keep things in perspective as losing sight of what is right to fight about is frustrating. The fact that my writings have emotion and length is in part for me trying too hard to explain my views. There is no need to resent that. I have read a lot of emotional long posts here on patch during times of issues being talked about. Instead of hating on me for my posts, hows bout' trying to understand my reasons for certain beliefs, opinions and hopes for Tewksbury's future and write yours so I can try to understand. Otherwise, let me continue to actively speakout in peace.
J. S. March 27, 2014 at 12:17 PM
I am so sorry i had missed Donna's return
Donna Marie Robitaille March 28, 2014 at 10:43 AM
J.S. I never stopped campaigning but have to say not patch fighting has been a better atmosphere for all. Peaceful is nice but politics are not. What is stress spelled bacwards...desserts! Chocolate cake for everyone this time round. Vote Saturday April 5th for Robitaille Planning Board write in. I couldn't justify spending monies on a sticker campaign and the town clerk has informed me that every write in vote will count as official. I have a different vision than Vinny Fratilia for Tewksbury. He is a nice man. I am a nice woman. We both love our families and care about our friends and residents alike. We do not stand for the same views on how to proceed from here with planning and decision making regarding future building and development. This is an important open seat for Planning Board. I recognize what is being asked of voters from me is equally important. Your Vote!


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