5 Things You Need To Know Today: Friday, May 13

Pieces of information that will make you smarter, if not luckier, on Friday the 13th.

Here are five pieces of information that will make you smarter, if not luckier, on Friday the 13th.

1. Today's Forecast: According to the NWS, it will be mostly sunny, with a high near 66. Calm wind becoming east around 6 mph. Tonight it will be mostly cloudy, with a low around 47. East wind around 6 mph becoming calm.

2. Thursday's Lottery Numbers:

Cash WinFall -- 1-10-17-26-30-37

Daily Numbers -- Midday: 7-2-3-1  Evening: 9-1-5-8

3. Quote of the Day: "When I started, we only had nine routes. Now we have 28." Marty Tildsley, a postal carrier for 30 years, who was honored this week for driving one million miles without an accident.

4. Origins of Friday the 13th: For hundreds, if not thousands, of years, Friday and the number 13 have each been considered unlucky for various reasons. But the concept of Friday the 13th being uber-unlucky is relatively new. Snopes.com has the following to say --

"Books of English folklore generally cite a 1913 Notes & Queries reference as the earliest known expression of Friday the 13th as a day of evil luck, and this corresponds to what we found when we searched The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times for similar references. In both newspapers the first mentions of the ill-fated date occured in 1908, as in this short piece about a U.S. senator from Oklahoma who dared to tempt fate by introducing 13 bills on Friday the 13th."

5. It's Happening Today: The freshmen baseball and softball teams are in action today. They are at home, hosting Lawrence. Game time for each is 3:30 p.m.


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