Update on the capping of Rocco's.

Sure glad I don't live on the truck travel route....93 to Dascomb Rd. to Shawsheen, over Bridge to South St.! It's going to be a two year nightmare for those residents.

I Know it needs to be done but seems our illustrious leaders could have fought harder on the Town's behalf but then what else is new?

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Donna Marie Robitaille January 22, 2014 at 03:16 PM
Dear Rob R. Speaking for myself, I surely do not blame the present Board of Selectmen or present Town Manager. I simply want to point out that it is the leadership of this town that has the power to intervene not the residents. Yes we can be heard and we have been. Obviously, the EPA is not living by the handshake it gave our former town manager,Conservation Commission,Senator Ted Kennedy, and representatives of residents. The minutes of this meeting should be examined and our town manager should indeed demand a second look with his say weighing heavily on the decisions of route and schedule as stated will be so by the EPA themselves. Those first days of seeking super funds and then the first decisions should survive what happens today. I respect the leaders of my community then and now.
Tewksbury2001 January 22, 2014 at 08:52 PM
Usually the people that complain most about leaderhsip are the people that have never held a leadership position, never had to make executive decisions, never had to fire anyone, hire anyone, manage a multi million dollar budget, never had to get deposed in a case your company/city may be involved with, never have to give a presentation in front of a crowd, never have to make a hard decision that you know is going to make 50% of the people in the room mad at you... Those are the people that complain the most.
Donna Marie Robitaille January 23, 2014 at 08:08 AM
Dear 2001 Just read your comment.. I woke up thinking the same thing to say to Me. I quickly assured myself, THINGS CHANGE>>PEOPLE DON'T How fitting that you are beginning to understand why I am qualified to sit on the Tewksbury Planning Board. I will keep telling myself as my opinions and beliefs about the Town of Tewksbury, are exposed here on Patch those same things you speak of. So see we are not that different. We just have different views. What I have to say is the same as I feel everyday whether a candidate or not. I do not like to complain or create controversy.It is because of a deep personal concern for this community that my fears and hopes are stated. As for the above, Yes..I have held a leadership position, I have had to make executive decisions AND I was there when WE fired the zoning board members and changed the rules from a five member board to a three member board, I do not like controversy and I disagreed with the ANTI DEVELOPMENT group that started a mini revolution here. I did hold my head up, after serving four years on the Conservation Commission during this time and asked The Board of Selectmen for a position on the NEW and supposedly improved ZBA. At the time, I did my job but I didn't like the change. This community took measures I do not agree with. A three man board is unfair to applicants as you must have three votes to be approved. Three out of Three is unfair. Three out of five is fair. WE did this,to appease the people(a large group unseating selectmen) and point here is that I did my job as an appointed town official although I as a resident disagreed with almost every point of view that side of the political fight. I have known good men to have their head in their hands over budgets as I was here when prop 2 1/2 arrived. Which brings to mind..I watched the Youth Center close. How is it ,at this late date,we let it All in and our teen center is still not funded and appears to be closed forever.. There is no excuse for this. So in recent years,we have managed to approve everything ..seven hotels..Walmart.. Home Depot..Route 1 effect on Main Street.. and WE lose the security of our South Street Fire Station..and forget about the Youth Center. Also REDMEN pay to play high school sports AND STUDENTS PAY TO PARK> I realize these were hard decisions..I am not against leaderships school committee or selectmen for making hard choices. I just believe and know it should not be so. AND If there is anything we can do to research and examine new ways to get more from future some development, We Should! Addressing the above, I have been deposed in my former capacity as a town official, I have had to give a presentation in front of a crowd, AND I have voted more than one hard decision that made most of the people in the room mad. Things change people don't..I am the same girl that grew up here,went to school here,worked here,hopefully did contribute to community here, raised children here and wants to live happily ever after here.What has changed is somewhat silly to explain. Tewksbury 2001.. I suppose you said it best.. People like me do not like to complain.I did a good job during difficult times and I am proud of the decisions made. I am well aware of what we built and how things changed. Most all for the better and for the things that need to be accomplished,such as securing services, attending to dangerous intersections, lift burdens of water sewer bills from residents,Stop charging for High School Sports and Stop Charging Students to Park, Re open Youth Center, These things possibly can be achieved if we find ways to get More from future developments. Whatever happens from here, I know for sure that this community will be alright. Just like it's people..this town will always be what it is. The Best!
Rusty January 23, 2014 at 08:55 AM
Is East st a state road ? Maybe the MASS State Police would be interested in maintaining a full time truck inspection detail during this landfill operation.
Donna Marie Robitaille January 23, 2014 at 09:17 AM
Rusty, i think the Massachusetts State Police will not want or feel obliged to help. As with the State Highway Department.. their views of an already heavily traveled State roads, may be worrisome to them BUT for example..Although the state owns the road They will not own our troubles on Rt.38. I agree with your logic however the Town created the traffic,not them> At the same time,The EPA should HEAR THE RESIDENTS AND TOWN OFFICIALS AS PROMISED WHEN THEY ARRIVED HERE>>And act in the best interests of residents during cleanup operations. The idea of a Fulltime truck inspection and traffic detail There! is a good idea and should be incorporated into their plans. Tewksbury Police should get the details at the cost to the State or town but not from their budget.We should not stand still for less, because every accident strains their services to residents and all traffic woes will strain OUR residents during going about their daily lives. Just as anything that has merit of danger..such as dumping of hazard waste..should be stopped, The EPA should be made to recognize,acknowledge and ACT accordingly for the safety and welfare of TEWKSBURY RESIDENTS>


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