Empire Sports Club Challenge

Empire Sports Club Challenge

    Empire Sports Club would like to present you with the opportunity to join our championship boxing team, cost free. This opportunity covers the expense of a gym membership, along with training fees, for six months. This means that I, Tom Fallon, two time Golden Gloves champion, would be donating my time to help unleash your potential. This idea came to me as I was driving home from work the other day and noticed a group of teenagers standing on the corner, smoking cigarette after cigarette. I began thinking about peer pressure, and the impact it would have on these young people’s future. I wondered which one out of that group picked up the first cigarette, who initially exposed him to smoking, which one of his friends he offered it to first, and how the cycle would continue on. I thought to myself that if they had a mentor, or other options, the future path of their life could be drastically altered.

    I could have been one of those kids. If it wasn’t for my brother Ray, who took me under his wing, I easily could have been. When life at home became rough, he took me to the gym. He gave me his time and trained me, instead of leaving me out on my own. Had he not molded me into a champion, I could have been exposed to drugs, like many of my peers. I’m forever grateful to my brother, and the men at the gym for believing in me, and having my best interest at heart, when I needed them the most.

    Ray gave me the gift of boxing, and it is because of this that we at Empire Sports  Club would like to gift you with this opportunity. While talking to Ryan Scottron, the owner here, about my desire to give back, he shared of how influential his father was on  his own life and boxing career. It is because of this that Ryan is able to make the Empire Sports Club Challenge possible. The chance to train with such elite athlete and trainers, for free, is a once in a life time opportunity. I would hate to see a young person with unharnessed potential, fall to the wrong crowd, simply because money stood in their way.

    This offer is for two young people, of middle school or high school age. We will choose one boy and one girl out of the entries. To enter, email me a letter expressing why you should be chosen.

All entries should be sent to TomEFallon@gmail.com.

   Your letter should include:

    -Mom or Dad’s contact info.

    -Three character references

    -Your name and age

    -What this opportunity means to you

If you are chosen, you will receive an emailed conformation and a phone call you your parent, to inform you. See you in the ring.  


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