Is there a law on how close to the road on Route 38 a housing development can be builit?

I was wondering  if anyone knows how far the setback from the road can a new development can be built?  It seems to me that Heatherwood, which is going to look beautiful, comes really close to Route 38.  The setback is really close to road. My concern is that if a car were to go out of control and leave the road, it could go right into the building.  That could be a catastrophe.
Marc June 27, 2014 at 03:15 PM
I agree it is a monstrosity. I cannot believe how rediculous it looks. i had to go through hell to put a porch on my house that is set 25 feet back from the st and the town allowed that. All i can say is thank god i have 3 more years for my kids to get out of high school Its a freaking eye soar. Just what the elderly want to do after working all their life is looking at the beautiful gutter place across from them. On another note, i know this sounds sick but god for bid anyone passes they wont have to go far for a florist. Stupid.
Rob L June 30, 2014 at 08:18 AM
I just drove by and the place isn't any closer to the road then most of the other buildings along 38. Though I do wish they had used the track of land just a little further down where the light is on Victor drive, because it looks like the driveway will now be on Route 38. Marcia, I've driven rt 38 many times after hours and I highly doubt there's speeding going on. Most of the times I'm stuck behind some person doing 25mph. Keep in mind that the speed limit on 38 jumps between 35 and 45 depending on where you are and most of the residential areas are in the 45mph zone. My guess is that those cars you think are speeding are likely just going the speed limit or maybe 5mph over at most.
Marcia A. Siara June 30, 2014 at 09:26 AM
Rob, I live at the light on Main and Victor and I have seen many cars and motorcycles come down going at least 45 50 and going right thru the light after midnight.
Mary June 30, 2014 at 09:38 AM
Rob L, I so agree with you that that development would have been better suited for the property near Victor Drive. It is too late for that now, unfortunately. I do think that the placement of the existing building would have look nicer, and would not have been so close to the road (corner of building) if the placement on the property would have been planned differently. Why did they put the building on its side instead of straight back and looking forward towards Route 38. This way no portion of the building would have been so close to the road??


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