LETTER: Former Selectman Endorses Miceli, Lyons

Letter writer says a commitment to local aid sets Miceli and Lyons apart.

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of both Jim Miceli and Jim Lyons for State Representative.  I have known Jim Miceli for a long time.  I met Jim Lyons about 3 months ago when he was going door-to-door through my neighborhood.

When I was on the Board of Selectmen my Number One complaint was that the Cities and Towns were NOT getting their fair share of Local Aid.  Time and time again I saw jobs being created at the State Level and monies that should have been coming to Tewksbury being siphoned off for more and more administrative and non-productive jobs.

That is why I am endorsing both Jim Miceli and Jim Lyons for State Rep in Tewksbury.  Both men are committed to forcing the State to provide more Local Aid to its Towns.   Almost every member of our community has a story on how Jim Miceli has helped them, or someone they know, or a family member.  Jim Miceli has ALWAYS been there for Tewksbury and I truly believe we need to be there for him.

Talking with Jim Lyons he is also committed to helping our town get more local aid.  He is a Tewksbury businessman and obviously has a vested interest in the success of our Community.

Both men have made a commitment that when they return to Beacon Hill in January they will file legislation to get additional dollars for Tewksbury to reduce the impact of our current sewer rates.  I firmly believe they will do what they have committed to.

Please vote for Jim Miceli and Jim Lyons (precincts 3 & 3A) on Tuesday November 6, 2012

Sincerely yours,

Jerry Selissen

Douglas W. Sears October 21, 2012 at 03:51 AM
Jerry: If you can't take the heat, keep mind your own business and don't be such a gadfly! Your boy Jim took you off the swatter in the Town Crier of 10/17. Really! The good man said that I "jammed the article through at town meeting, thus bypassing a town-wide ballot which would have given the voters a say in this important issue." Little old me, all by my lonesome. With all that power you'd a thunk Jim was talkin' about Warren, for cripes sake? That's if you can believe something Miceli says just because it is in print! So you can rest easy, Jerry, and know that you are in the clear -- because Jim would never fib about your insignificance in this matter, would he? Doug
Cecil Moore October 21, 2012 at 12:21 PM
Doug, If you can't take the heat, keep mind your own business... Very candiditial and professional you are. Beacon Hill has enough ineptness. We don't need anymore.
Don Ordway October 26, 2012 at 01:21 AM
If Doug Sears has the power and knowledge to be as persusasive as some are saying then he sounds like the logical choice for becoming our next State Rep. I agree Doug may not be everyones faavorite son but neither is Jim Miceli or anyone else. I don't like it when we have to attack each other. There are seldom winners that emerge. Many mornings Doug and I have sat in Donna's Dounuts having coffee even before he dicided to run. I have seen several senior citizens each time approach Candidate Sears for advjce on various financial or legal issues and each one walks away knowing Doug is working with him side by side. All I ask is that if we are going to discuss this very important issue can't we at least be civil about it. Many of us have had bad experiences but we should seek solutions not revenge. I suggest that we focus on the candidates positions on the issues that he will face and how will he approach them. No one is perfect and politics is not bean bag, but we are neighbors. This is an important race for Tewks./Wilmington let's pick the man that will address the issues a State Rep. should be addressing. Neither candidate should be filling pot holes, that's how we got in this hole. We have a town government designed to take care of those problems or make a phone call to State. Make the bacon our rainy day fund.
Douglas W. Sears October 27, 2012 at 09:47 PM
In defense of Jerry -- supporter of my opponent -- Article 1 (Sewer Bonding) of the 10/01/2002 Special Town Meeting was appropriately presented. Only matters that seek funding in addition to that allowed under Prop 2 1/2 go "to the ballot." The Article passed 675 to 43. Miceli is WRONG when he said in October 24th debate that it was "pure skulduggery" on my part that the sewer article wasn't put to a ballot vote. Miceli's expressed ignorance of town financial authorizations is stunnning after 48 years holding local office. Jerry was correct when the Sewer Committee he chaired reported to the BOS on 09/10/2002 that the Sewer Article could not go on the ballot because it was not an "over-ride." I don't know why the candidate he supports for Representative failed to consult Jerry who truly "knows his sewer." Miceli either doesn't have a clue -- or if he did have a clue, doesn't believe his constituents have a clue, and that they will believe him when he blathers "sewer" at the October 24th debate. [You can see his performance Comcast Channel 8 starting October 29th.] Finally, MGL c. 29, sec. 2Z reimburses towns like Tewksbury up to 20% of the annual finance costs for new sewer construction. It's run by the DOR. Miceli's legislature has so depleted the fund that Tewksbury only received $5000 last year. Instead of funding it, he blames a constituent! That's the Jim I know. You, too?
Sgt Shultz October 27, 2012 at 10:04 PM
Dougie is a Boob with a capital 'B"


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