LETTER: L'Italien Deserves Support For State Rep.

Reader says L'Italien is a true leader who can work with members of both parties.

Dear Editor,

Just a couple of years ago, our country was embroiled in a serious, yet divisive debate on how to manage our nation’s healthcare. Democrats and Republicans refused to cooperate in addressing this pressing issue and Washington DC was left in gridlock. As our nation’s capital stood at a standstill, Massachusetts was in the process of setting an example when it came to both healthcare policy and political cooperation. Leading this example was Barbara L’Italien, who was showing DC that it was possible for the different political parties to work together.

While Washington was left arguing, Barbara L’Italien was in Boston working with advocates, parents and politicians of all stripes in building support for legislation that would expand health insurance coverage for Massachusetts residents diagnosed with autism. With tens of thousands of Massachusetts families impacted by autism, Barbara was leading the charge in writing and passing a law that would guarantee care and help these families avoid bankruptcy.

What can’t be overlooked is that Barbara was able to successfully pass this law because she got different politicians to work together. At a time when the different political parties wouldn’t speak to each other in Washington DC, Barbara brought Republicans and Democrats together in supporting Autism Health Insurance.

Republicans and Democrats saw Barbara’s Autism Health Insurance law and agreed that it was the right thing to do – it even attracted Scott Brown as a co=sponsor! When it came time to vote on Barbara’s bill, it passed the State House and Senate, unanimously.

As Washington DC seemed incapable of agreeing on anything related to healthcare, Barbara L’Italien was in Boston bringing together Democrats and Republicans in passing groundbreaking legislation. Barbara showed Massachusetts voters that it is certainly possible for different parties to work together – and she showed that when that happens, it is the voters who end up winning. Please join me in supporting Barbara L’Italien as our next State Representative. Our government needs less political bickering and more people willing to work together.


Marilyn M. Fitzgerald

salemst October 22, 2012 at 08:56 PM
in 2009, as Assistant Ways and Means Chairman, ex-Representative Barbara L'Italien was directly responsible for slipping the Alcohol and Meals taxes into the budget, which then passed. She did so in a private Conference Commitee with majority of Democrats (4-2) without a House vote in a jacket without telling her constituents her role in its passage other than it was in the budget, thus having to vote for it as people were dependent on government allocated money all during a Depressionesque economy. Her constituents were financially hurting, she hurt them more. L'Italien increased the sales tax by 25% to 6.25% She Instituted the meals tax adding .75 tax to your bill Thus adding both the sales and meals tax L'Italien increased your bill's tax amount for dining out 40% , from 5% to 7%. She doesn’t seem to understand how deleterious her votes are to her district. She’s done nothing to encourage private sector jobs creation, nothing to rein in government spending instead going along to get along with the Governor's spending, plus supported the Governor's spending on illegal aliens. Adding insult, she took a 100K crony political patronage job with Steve Grossman in the Treasurer's Office she wasn't qualified for using the public sector looking out for herself and her own personal benefit, not the district's. She works together raising our taxes, and I don't recall L'Italien saying anything positive about Mitt Romney regarding healthcare bi-partisanship


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