New Year's Resolutions, Part 2

Columnist Bob Leo vows to stick to his resolution ... in a delicious way, of course.

In case any of you are curious, yes, I am sticking to my New Year's resolution.

I think the healthy eating is the easiest part. like I said if your hungry eat, but eat the good stuff not the junk. I am slowly working myself into a light exercise program. When your my age you gotta take it slow. A lot of folks have asked, what about alcohol? What's the best thing to drink? Honestly, the best thing is not to drink.
Now I understand that in most cultures life revolves around alcohol. Sunday football game, let's tailgate.  Niece’s wedding, have a champagne. Meet you after work for a cocktail? Hot day, cold beer, cold day, hot toddy, you get the point. So let's break it down.
The biggest reason not to drink if your trying to drop some pounds is not the added calories but the effect alcohol has on your body.

Booze slows your metabolism, it cuts lipid oxidation by as much as 73 percent. That means it slows down the rate your body naturally burns fat.

Naturally our bodies burn sugars until they are depleted, then opens up the reserve tank known as fat. Not only does alcohol provide excessive amounts of sugar but it also makes it harder for the fat to melt. Think of a piece of string, hold a match to it and poof. Take the same string and dip it alcohol it burns much longer. Take the alcohol soaked string and surround it in wax or oil, well you've all seen a candle before. Same principal.
So what's a dieter to do? Well if the occasion is special and you decide to imbibe dry white wines are best. A dry chardonnay or sauvignon blanc has about 80 calories. Dry reds are next at about 100 calories. Choose a cabernet sauvignon or merlot. Beer weighs in (pun intended ) all over the map. By reducing alcohol brew masters reduce calories. Light pilsners range from 55 to 110 or so calories.
Sam Adams adds 160 calories per bottle and a pint of Guinness is over 200. A shot of straight liquor averages around a 100 calories but cordials and cream liquors are considerably more. A bourbon on the rocks with a splash of water works best for me.
I forget where I heard it but a gentleman much wiser than I once told me " it's easy to abstain when your six feet under." Words to live by.



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