Poll Of The Week: How Do You Feel About The 'Occupy' Movement

What began on Wall Street has expanded to Washington D.C. and now to Boston and other major cities. What's your take?

It began as a protest against the world of big finance and has expanded to mutiple  cities and multiple causes. How do you feel about the "Occupy" movement?

Mary October 11, 2011 at 11:35 PM
Unfortuntely I have expected protests like this to happen. The United States is just getting out of sight with its prices, policies, and our government wanting to dictate every move we make. The land of the free is no longer free by a long shot.
Steevo October 12, 2011 at 07:32 AM
My impression is many want more power unto the government to regulate and take from "banks, big business, and the rich." They want a forced redistribution and greater piece of the pie, with prosecutable authority. Whether they've earned it or not isn't really a point because in their eyes those who are wealthy are immoral, greedy, even criminal and shouldn't have the right. If they included some politicians with their policies and decided to have an experience in DC, I would give them a little more credit. If you want to point fingers of blame there's plenty to go around and Washington could easily be a place to start, and finish. But I also think for some of those protesting looking in the mirror is an appropriate place too because I've seen some jewelery and tattoos I know I couldn't afford when it comes to priorities.
Don Ordway October 13, 2011 at 03:36 PM
What is happening on Wall Street is a perfect example of the typical uninformed voter on drugs. They have no idea why they are there but it doesn't matter since they are surrounded by undocumented pharmacist and there own 79 virgins.. Trash, drugs loose women, Woodstock II. The only thing missing is Jerry Garcia and mud wrestling. This is their utopia. Unfortunately they have no other life. More than likely they receive their $40/day for their beautiful contribution to the greatest country in the world. America protects everyone even those that are lost in space.


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