Santa Stops Off For A Quick Bite Before His Trip

And boy, can the jolly old elf put away the chow!

T’was the day before Christmas

And all through the club

People were eating steak

schrod and chicken parm sub


Most patrons were merry

And filled with such glee

They drank at the bar

And watched golf on TV


Last minute shoppers

Were buying gift cards,

The line was so long

At least twenty yards


Then all of a sudden

Out back on the green

We heard a loud whir

From a flying machine


We ran to the window

To see such a sight

Marc Ginsburg returned

From a cold Arctic flight


He had old Saint Nick

Squished in his seat

It was the big night

He needed a treat


He ordered the nachos

The lobster and pie

He ate quite a lot

That isn’t a lie


Thanks Judy and Brenda

Thanks Kathy and Steve

Then he wiped off his beard

With the back of his sleeve


Thanks Missy, Elisha

Thanks Kerry and Dave

I hate to leave now

This place is my fave


But it is the big night

I really must go

To ready my sleigh

And fly through the snow


His words struck a chord

They rang clear and true

 Merry Christmas to all





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