Taking Classes Can be An Educating Escape

Tewksbury School District offers continuing education.

September brings the change of seasons, when students head back to school to learn new subjects, advance their understanding of familiar ones, and try their hand at something new.  Now is a great opportunity for adults to follow this age old tradition as well.

Want to learn basic first aid and CPR?  Enroll in a class to receive a 2 year certification from American Heart Association.  Are you always on the go, but would love to try your hand at piano?  Perhaps a course titled Instant Piano (for Hopelessly Busy people) is just up your alley.  Need a reason to make exercise happen?  Take up golf, join a cardio pump class or participate in the community men’s or women’s basketball league.

These classes and a variety of other subject matters are available through Tewksbury Public Schools through their Community Services Adult Education program.  Offerings include various topics in such headings as academics, hobbies/creative arts, health/personal development, financial management, or computer related classes.

If you are like many, hiring sitters to head out for an evening of individual growth is too much on a regular basis.  Tewksbury Public School Community Services has eliminated your excuse.  New this year are online offerings ranging from professional development to personal enrichment.  With over 300 courses available online, there is bound to be something of interest.  Learn conversational Japanese, get an introduction to interior design, gather information on how to start and operate your own home-based business, or take a course relating to personal finance.  To see a complete list of courses available, check out the website, ed2go.com/tewksbury.

With the lazy days of summer fast becoming a memory, jump into fall head first with a class geared to improving you.  Registration for classes through .  Maybe this is the right time for you to go back to school.  More information can be attained at www.tewksbury.k12.ma.us.



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