Tewksbury Town Common Wood Advertising Events Sign

Thank you Karin for announcing the fact that we have a Town Election next Saturday.  It is great that all of the Tewksbury Patch readers are notified of this election, but what about those who do not have a computer or are subscribed to the Tewksbury Patch.  Believe me when I say, I know a lot of people who are not.  Why doesn't the white wood board (which is in disrepair) at the Town Common advertising this election.  We are less then one week away from this election.  Don't you think that this is more important that road races that are currently up there?  I personally think this Board should be for important official Town events in a timely manner.  This should not stop even relying on this method of advertising.  Why can't the Town of Tewksbury use a lit up sign like the Town of Burlington uses at their Town Common to announce important events.  I do consider a Town election very important.  It might look tacky, but it gets the message out.  It is removed once the event is over.  We have to get the word out there so we are not saying the election had a low turnout.  I feel that you can't complain about who got elected if you fail to cast your vote.
Donna Marie Robitaille March 31, 2014 at 10:27 AM
Mary That is a good idea. I am not sure the town clerk can get involved. I believe if you were to call and ask her office -it will get done if possible. Otherwise, you will be directed to who could help you. It is a great question and seems likely that will be put up because of your idea.


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