Thanks for the great service!

Often we only hear of complaints regarding our government and those employed to serve us.  Since moving to Tewksbury 2 years ago I have the numerous occasions to deal with various departments including the Town Managers Office, DPW, Forestry, Fire Department, Police Department, Building Department, Plumbing Inspector and Electrical Inspector.  All of my experiences have been a pleasure.  Recently I contacted the Building Inspectors Department and the Board of Health.  I spoke directly with Dawn at the Building Department as well as Diane and Lou-Ann at the Board of Health.   They were very helpful and accommodating.  I had many questions and concerns over a certain matter and they answered all of my questions, spent a fair amount of time with me and offered help in the future.  Tewksbury should be proud of their Town Employees.  They truly are "serving" the public.  So far my time here has been a pleasure  and I look forward to many more years of enjoying the Town. 

Thank you. 


Richard Maggio 1380 Andover St.

Donna Marie Robitaille January 29, 2014 at 09:54 AM
Richard that is exactly what I am talking about. Indeed we do have A+ services and ThankYou for proving my point that all is well and we Are in good hands. I have known this for a very longtime about this community. Perhaps that is why my love is so deep. I am glad to be a candidate win or lose because the pleasure is all mine to respond to your post..I do hope new residents have your same experience as you have. That of which I always have and always will be grateful for. We should ALL be Proud of The Town of Tewksbury, with very good reason to do so.


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