The Readers Speak Out!

Welcome to the latest edition of Social Media Sunday.

Welcome to Social Media Sunday, where we put the spotlight on you, our readers and what you've had to say this week.

Facebook Poll Question of the Week

What Are Your Plans for Father's Day?

  • Bar-B-Cue -- 12 votes
  • Day Trip -- 5 votes
  • Yard Work -- 2 votes
  • Absolutely Nothing -- 1 vote

Reader Comments of the Week

Our readers were thrilled to hear that the

From Bonnie -- I got to see these dogs in person. They are all beautiful and yes, Denise, they do deserve a better life! I hope that anyone out there that is in the market for a beautiful dog would consider adopting one of these animals. If I didn't already have a dog, I would be first in line for one of them. Please consider them.

From Mary Ellen Fernald -- I am very glad that they were not destroyed. Going to check with friends who are looking for pets. I have a friend who just lost her little dog after 17 years. Thank you mspca and Animal Rescue for the great work you do. I will double my donation this year.

The courts are figuring out whether

From Dan -- Hello: He Murdered someone.

The story on the Scott Wilson, chairman of the committee and a member of the Board of Selectmen, has been gracious enough to participate in the discussion and answer questions from readers. To try and pluck one or two comments from the board would do a disservice to the flow of the conversation.

Facebook Comments of the Week

We had a lot of fun chatting with readers on Facebook during Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. What a night!

But the big story of the week was the police chase through the swamp out being Cinnamon Circle and Marston Street. Thank you to Nicole Gauthier Downing, Nancy Fisher Brooks and Robin Marcotte Pothier for the initial heads up and to several readers for providing input on what they were seeing out the front door and off the back porches in their neighborhood.

Blog Post of the Week

That's easy. and provides Youtube links to all of them.


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