Things Tewksbury Patch Readers Just Can't Go a Day Without

Readers share the top priorities in their lives.

We asked Tewksbury Patch readers on our Facebook Page what things they absolutely had to have -- things they couldn't be without, even for a day.

The consensus Top 3?

1. Family

2. Coffee

3. Pets

Here are some of the responses from reades:

Lynn Scott: My husband and Daughter! (my kitties Tyson and Harry too!)

June Boyle Fullerton: My three wonderful children but coffee is a close second.

Roberta Donovan: My Great GIRLS- my dog and my Dunkin's French Vanilla - makes Tender Loving Mom!!

Mary Reitano: Coffee is a must here too but.....i have to go with my family. Cannot imagine even a second without my kids and family in my life.


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