Top Reader Comments This Week

Readers have their say on the top news items of the week.

Tewksbury Patch readers are not shy about sharing their opinions. They are quick to tell us if they like or dislike a story or what they feel about the subject matter.

Here are some of the top story comments from the past week:

"The sewer is a town infrastructure improvement no different than the new high school. Just think of how it would affect people if only those that used the High School had to pay for it. So, if people think only those hooked up should pay and those not hooked up should not pay, there is something called the time value of money. Each year that pro-rated amount grows. So when someone does hook up in say 10 years, their cost is now $ 15,000 to catch-up. Of course that is ridiculous and the whole 100% of the infrastructure impovement should be moved to the tax base and then the actual cost of sewerage should be billed as people use it." -- Robert Homeyer, commenting on

"Let's see...they approved $600K in cuts & still need to cut an additional $250K....why are we in such a short position? Seems like every year more cuts need to be made....Was state aid reduced?
Looks like reconfiguration did nothing....bounced my kid across town...didn't it add an extra bus?" -- Dan O'Neill, commenting on "."

"Mr. Montouri, I would like to thank you so much, now lets really clean house." -- Carmen Piskedlo, commenting on "."

"I hope the town can make Mr. Patterson pay back the money he was paid on "Administrative Leave" awful lot of money to pay someone not to work." -- Terri Bello, commenting on "."

"Tim and Jack you are two really special kids with two great role models for parents!!" -- Mary Abbott, commenting on


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