Vispoli Pledges Not to Take Per Diems

Legislators Should Also Feel Pain at the Pump


Andover, MA.  . . Yesterday Andover Selectman and candidate for the State Senate, Alex Vispoli called for an end to legislative per diems that pay for legislators commuting expenses. 


“It is time to end this special perk of legislators,” said Vispoli.  “I find it incredulous that the Senate would vote to link the gas tax to inflation while they get this special perk which means they don’t feel the pain at the pump like the rest of us.  Senators should have to pay to drive to work like everyone in Andover, Dracut, Lawrence and Tewksbury do.”


Senators can claim a per diem for every day they go to the State House.  The amounts vary from district depending on the distance representatives have to drive to the State House.  It ranges from $10 per day to $90.  Last year Senator Stan Rosenberg claimed the most in per diems.  He accepted $12,840.


As our next State Senator, Vispoli plans on filing legislation to end this perk for legislators.  He feels strongly that it is wrong for the legislature to be increasing the cost of driving to work when they don’t have to pay for gas or the gas tax.  Vispoli is also opposed to raising the gas tax annually.  He has been part of the effort to repeal the gas tax being linked to inflation.


Vispoli has signed a pledge to abolish per diems and not to take per diems when elected.




Rusty June 25, 2014 at 08:01 AM
He also believes in the tooth fairy!
malcolm nichols June 26, 2014 at 09:55 AM
Good start


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