Welcome To The Latest Edition of Social Media Saturday

What were you, the readers, talking about this week?

It was a busy week of news in Tewksbury and our readers were active on our Facebook page and the comments section.

Here are some of the highlights.

Poll Question of the Week

Have high gas prices impacted your vacation plans this summer?

  • No, we'll be going away as always -- 9 votes
  • Yes, we're staying closer to home -- 4 votes
  • Vacation? Who has time for a vacation? -- 3 votes

Facebook/Comments of the Week

The hot story of the week was the wicked midweek weather.

Tom Deveau posted this video of the weather from his home on our Facebook Wall.


Kathleen Brothers commented on noting the heavy damage done by the storms in Western Mass.

"What a terrible afternoon, and early evening ! My heart goes out to all the people in Western Ma. who felt the rath of these Tornadoes. It was very frightening around 9:00 with all that lightening in the sky. It looked like a war zone! I don't know about you others out there, but I had a very restless night.
But, today is beautiful! Thank God for the Canadian Air. I hope everything goes well for all the people who had damage I hope all their troubles are little ones from now on and they get back on their feet soon. Thanks to all the media who kept us so well informed during the evening."

Several readers commented on The police log included another incident at the Motel Caswell, prompting these responses.

From Kirsten -- "I'm flabbergasted there was an arrest at the Motel Caswell. =)"

From Kate S. -- "Another police report, another Motel Caswell mention. Just another day in Tewksbury."

From BM -- "When are town officials going to rid the town of the Caswell and Motel 6 ? These are the 2 main sources of crime in this town !!!!! Should be a no - brainer !!!"

From Ronald -- "So, you think town officials can just get rid of private companies whenever they want to, even if there is crime there? You must be a socialist.
So, I guess the town officials can, in your mind, get rid of famlies that are troublesome?
I would not want to live in your world."

From Sarah -- "I wonder how a Motel could avoid allowing shady characters in... I'm more thinking the Caswell than Motel 6. *Shrug* a chain Motel next to the highway and bordering Lowell seems like it should be a recipe for trouble.
The Caswell's been around and been a problem for longer. Maybe raising prices? I feel like they should have noticed by now they're attracting criminals and maybe tried to do something to prevent it. Yet, I don't know what they could do. I've seen no evidence of them trying, and it seems like it's getting worse."




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