Could There Be Unexploded Fireworks Shells In Tewksbury, Too?

A reader wants to know if what happened in Wilmington and Stoughton could happen in Tewksbury.

Question: There have been stories in recent days about unexploded fireworks being found in fields several days after Fourth of July fireworks displays in Wilmington and Stoughton and other towns. Are we sure there aren't any unexploded fireworks down on Livingston Street? After all, kids play down there.

Answer: The short answer to this question is no, there are not. But the longer answer is, the has policies in place to make sure there are not -- ever.

, the day after every fireworks display, a representative from the fireworks company (in this case, Atlas Fireworks) does a walk through of the shooting site with a command officer from the Fire Department.

"It's a condition of the permit," said Hazel. "One of the conditions is that the 'shooter' do a first-light inspection of the site with the captain on duty."

This week, the State Fire Marshal's office suspended the license of Pennsylvania-based Pyrotecnico, which staged displays in several Massachusetts towns this July, including Newton, Milford, Hingham, Winchester, Westford, Sharon, Waltham, Ayer, Marion, Waltham, Stoughton and Wilmington.

In the Waltham incident, a city worker ran over the shell with a lawn mower, causing it to explode. Fortunately, he was not injured.

Kristin July 12, 2012 at 04:39 PM
Wow that's very scary. Glad tewksbury is responsible and looks out for us by putting those rules in place. That guy is lucky that nothing happened when he ran over the shell. Shame on pyrotecnico. They shouldn't be able to do firework displays anymore.


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