Home Invasion Suspects: We Did It To Protect Our Little Brother

Men charged in home invasion admit targeting victim.

Two brothers, among three men arrested over the weekend i confessed to their roles in the crime but told police they were did it to protect their younger brother.

Brandon Dorrington, 24, of Lynn and Jared Dorrington, 18, of Chelmsford, along with Brady Yanosick, 18, of Billerica, were arraigned in Lowell District Court on Monday, charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault and battery, kidnapping, conspiracy and assault with intent to rob.

Prosecutors allege the trio restrained and severely beat 22-year-old Kyle Perrin in a . According to court records, the three men also stole pills and more than $23,000 before fleeing the room.

Perrin, a former football star at Chelmsford High, suffered a broken hand and a broken nose, as well as facial lacerations and bruising to his face and side in the assault.

Perrin, himself, has been arrested several times in the last year, according to police records. He was arrested in Chelmsford and charged with operating a motor vehicle without a license. He was also arrested in Nashua, NH, Westford and Chelmsford again, earlier this year, on warrants for failure to appear in court.

According to court records, Perrin is also an admitted drug dealer, having told police during the investigation that the cash that was stolen from him was a combination of his life savings and proceeds from the illegal sale of 30 mg Oxycodone tablets, called "Perc 30s." He told police he had sold drugs to Jared Dorrington in the past, most recently two days before the attack.

According to court records, the Dorrington brothers each admitted to their role in the attack to investigators and said they set Perrin up for the beating. Each man said they did it because Perrin had started selling Oxycodone to their 15-year-old little brother.

Statements made to police by the Dorrington brothers and Perrin, detailed in a summary filed with the court by Tewksbury Dep. Brian Farnum, tell basically the same story:

On Thursday, Jared Dorrington contacted Perrin and said he wanted to buy two "Perc 30's" and Perrin told him to come to Motel 6. Perrin said he had been staying at the motel for five or six days after getting thrown out of his house by his mother.

When he arrived at the motel, around 9:30 p.m., Dorrington called Perrin again and Perrin told him to come upstairs to Room 240. Inside the room, Dorrington paid Perrin $60 for two pills and the men chatted for a bit. During this time, Dorrington texted his brother and a friend, Brady Yanosick, to come upstairs.

The two men banged on the door and Perrin saw through the peephole that a man was ducked down trying to hide from view. He didn't plan to open the door but Jared Dorrington slammed it open from the inside, letting his brother and Yanosick in.

According to the statement made by Brandon Dorrington, Yanosick, 18, wielded a police baton and beat Perrin to the face and the ribs. He said he wore a ski mask and Yanosick wore a bandana to hide his face.

At one point, Perrin was handcuffed and Perrin alleges the men attempted to use duct tape to gag him and tie his arms and legs.

Two of the men held Perrin, while the third searched the room for a black toiletry bag containing the cash. Perrin told police that earlier that day, Jared Dorrington and another man had been in the motel room with him and had seen him stuff cash into the toiletry bag.

Ultimately, according to Det. Farnum's summary, the men found the bag under a pillow and took it, along with 40-50 "Perc 30s", and fled the room.

Another guest at the motel told police he saw three men in hoodies leave Room 240 and run down the corridor to the stairs.

Police arrived at Motel a short time later and found the bloody and beaten Perrin, handcuffs still attached to his left wrist. He was briefly interviewed and then sent to Saints Medical Center for treatment. He was interviewed again at the hospital and again, the next day, back at the Motel.

In an odd twist, Perrin told police that while he was in the hospital, Jared Dorrington exchanged a series of text messages with him. According to Det. Farnum's report, Dorrington texted Perrin that he was not involved in the attack and that he was going to the hospital because of a concussion.

The statements made by the Dorrington's to the police did vary slightly. Brandon told police the men stole only "$5,000-$6,000." But Jared said they took more than $20,000 and that it was divided between Brandon and Yanosick. Brandon said he took none of the cash.

Interviews with each of the Dorrington brothers ultimately led police to Yanosick. When confronted at his home, according to Farnum's report, Yanosick was defensive, argumentative and confrontational. the report indicates he resisted when  officers moved to place him under arrest.

Police then obtained search warrants for Yanosick's home and his mother's vehicle, a red pick up truck. During a search of the pick-up, officers found more than $5,000 in cash, as well as a police baton, a large cell phone and cell phone box, and a punch knife.

No drugs were recovered.

At their arraignment Monday, all three men were ordered held without bail at the Middlesex County Jail and are due to return to Lowell District Court on Thursday, June 30.

Melissa Gleaton June 28, 2011 at 08:01 PM
Dan June 29, 2011 at 08:14 PM
Talk about Lives gone bad...former football star now a druggie, and the vigilaties who I'm sure only wanted to protect thier little brother, and took the money and drugs just to make a point...Sadvery Sad, but it will be even sadder if all these losers are let out..
Fagettaboutit August 07, 2012 at 11:06 PM
You shouldn't throw stones. You could be reading comments about your kids one day. Addiction knows no race, age, or financial status. Ive known these kids along time. They're just your every day kid. A kid that mows your lawn or delivers your paper or dates your daughter. The only difference is a couple wrong choices. No one wakes up and says, " I'm feeling like a masked arm robbery today".


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