For First Time, Tewksbury Police Graduates Seniors From Self Defense Course

Senior citizens learned moves that will help them fight off a potential attacker.

Graduates of the R.A.D. course. Photo: Tewksbury Police Department
Graduates of the R.A.D. course. Photo: Tewksbury Police Department
Members of the Tewksbury Police Department have taught self defense classes to a variety of ages. But recently for the first time, graduates of the class were senior citizens who are now prepared to defend themselves from a worst case scenario.

Tewksbury Police helped seniors complete a 10-day course called R.A.D. Self Defense and Personal Safety Education for Seniors that took place from March to June.

During the course, three R.A.D. certified police officers taught skills that included  mental preparedness, home safety, scam recognition, and physical protection techniques.

Police said that participants learned through the course strategies that help reduce victimization and build self-confidence.

In order to achieve this, seniors were given instructions how to perform physical self-defense maneuvers to help fend off aggressors. The moves are simple, assuring that the senior citizens will not hurt themselves in the process while they would also be able to shield a block from an attacker.

Officers hope to run another course in the fall. For more information call Safety Officer Jennie Welch at (978) 851-7373, Ext. 230. 


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