Former Westford Selectman Arrested For Alleged Possession of Heroin at Tewksbury's Motel 6

Former Westford selectman and current Zoning Board of Appeals member Chris Romeo has been charged with possession of a class A drug following an incident in Tewksbury on Monday.

Chris Romeo at a ZBA meeting in 2011 (credit: Andrew Sylvia)
Chris Romeo at a ZBA meeting in 2011 (credit: Andrew Sylvia)

By Andy Sylvia

Former Westford Selectman Christopher Romeo has pleaded not guilty to allegations of heroin possession in Lowell District Court on Tuesday, according to the Lowell Sun.

According to court documents, Tewksbury police spotted Romeo on Monday at approximately 9:10 p.m. during surveillance of a Motel 6 acting "extremely suspicious."

Although the documents indicated officers reporting Romeo was bloodshot and smelled of alcohol and that he left the wrong exit of the Motel 6 after seeing the police vehicle, he is not being charged with drunk driving. 

Upon searching Romeo's vehicle, officers found an empty bottle of vodka, glass pipe and a small baggie of what police believe to be heroin, according to the Sun.

Romeo is currently a member of the Westford Zoning Board of Appeals.

The next court date in this case is scheduled for Feb. 10. 
Jamie Trinidade January 01, 2014 at 12:25 PM
Can we appeal the zoning for Motel 6 ?
Donna Marie Robitaille January 02, 2014 at 02:44 PM
YES,there are ways to shut them down. The motel 6 should have their operating permit revoked by the Town of Tewksbury. Next the property is up for sale and we get a better package for the tax dollars. Any other property owner will most likely appreciate the awesome location. MOTEL 6 owners are either ignorant to the fact that the place is not to standards or they know and do not care. Regardless of their knowledge or not, the owners of motel 6 should be held accountable for what continues to occur in Tewksbury. P.S.other local motel and hotels have security on site, that effort is what makes their places of stay credible.For instance, they may encounter the same problems as motel 6 yet because of their measures to try and deter those problems it would be difficult to pull their operating permits.Again, I believe their is enough infractions to SHUT DOWN MOTEL 6 TEWKSBURY>


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