Library Director Addresses Prostitution Arrest, Says Illegal Behavior 'Will Not Be Tolerated'

Library Director Diane Giarrusso said her staff was proactive this week as a New Hampshire woman was arrested for prostitution.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
Tewksbury Public Library Director Diane Giarrusso issued a statement on the organization's Facebook page Thursday, addressing this week's arrest of a New Hampshire woman for prostitution inside the library.

Police arrested Brittany Macintyre, 20, of Nashua, N.H., on Tuesday night, after she allegedly was attempting to offer sexual services for a fee inside the library.

Giarrusso called the situation unpleasant, and said the goal of the libary is to make a positive place to visit while also discouraging "disrespectful and illegal behaviors."

"I believe that the Library should be available to all who wish to use its resources," Giarrusso said in the statement. "I believe in the social contract that exists between the Library and the public—mutual respect for each other and for the institution. When that respect is breached, I take action."

Giarrusso said the library works closely with the Tewksbury Police Department to prevent crimes from happening inside its front doors. 

The Library Director said that the majority of the time there are no issues inside the Tewksbury Public Library, but when one arises it is addressed.

"I believe that this arrest sends a clear message that any type of illegal behavior will not be tolerated at the Tewksbury Public Library," said Diane Giarrusso, who also praised the work on her staff during the incident. "The Tewksbury Public Library staff and I are observant and proactive to ensure everyone is welcomed and gets the assistance they need. This incident, as unfortunate as it was, allowed us to show you that we also work hard to ensure that the standards of respectful and civil behavior we require are maintained."

To read Library Director Diane Giarrusso's statement in its entirety, visit the Tewksbury Public Library Facebook page.


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