New Hampshire Woman Arrested for Prostitution at Tewksbury Public Library

After receiving a tip that a woman was offering sexual acts at the library, police sent a plain clothes detective who arrested the Nashua woman.

Brittany Macintyre, 20, of 18 Orange Street, Nashua, N.H. (Tewksbury Police Photo)
Brittany Macintyre, 20, of 18 Orange Street, Nashua, N.H. (Tewksbury Police Photo)
Police arrested a New Hampshire woman on Tuesday night, alleging that she offered sex for a fee at Tewksbury Public Library.

Tewksbury Police said on Wednesday that at about 6 p.m. the previous day police arrested Brittany Macintyre, 20, of 18 Orange Street, Nashua, N.H., and charged her with sexual conduct for a fee, prostitution, as well as a warrant for possession of Class A drugs and possession of Class B drugs.

Police said that they received information that a woman, later identified as Macintyre, was soliciting sex for a fee from a patron at Tewksbury Public Library.

As a result, detectives were sent to the scene in plain clothes to investigate. Upon the arrival of a detective, Mcintyre "immediately engaged the detective in conversation," according to police.

According to police, Macintyre passed the detective a pen and a small piece of paper. Notes ensued between Mcintyre and the detective until the suspect allegedly requested $60 for a sexual act.

Macintyre and the detective then walked towards the front entrance of the library, where she was placed under arrest.

The Nashua woman was scheduled to be arraigned in Lowell District Court on Wednesday.
Tewksbury2001 June 13, 2014 at 05:35 PM
@BK- Where would you propose Tewksbury could add complexes like they have in Burlington that you note above? Route 38 can't handle that. Middlesex Turnpike can't either.
Jim Wentworth June 14, 2014 at 05:53 PM
@bk...here are the new businesses in town in the last five years from a recent post from Scott Wilson on another blog: "Over the last five years.....in no particular order.....All about You Salon, Lisa's Pizzeria, Smoke Shop, MVP, Pets Plus expanded, Petroil/Dunkin Donuts, Anthony's Roast Beef, Subway, Ryan's Pub, Angelina's, Village Green, Gun Shop, Al Fresca, Children of America, Shawsheen Animal Hospital expansion, Orange Leaf, New Fro Yo place in S.Tewksbury....coming soon Assisted Living across from Mahoney's & a new Bowling Alley where the Motel Caswell is. I may have missed some but these are the ones I could pull off the top of my head." Thermo Fischer also came in, Ocean State Job Lot and Work Out World filled up the old Purity Supreme spot. We are now classified as a Green and Biotech friendly community, we offer TIFFs, we are restructuring the permitting and licensing process, we have a new High School, we are working with an Economic Development consultant to highlight the areas that global businesses are looking for in a community. Pretty soon, you'll be able go online and see the parcels in Tewksbury that are available for development. The Town Beautification Committee is planning a clean-up day at the end of this month, the Events Committee is planning a Town-wide Harvest Festival on September 14th, a Zombie Walk/Run with the Rotary Club in October, the Tree-Lighting Christmas Celebration in December, maybe a Carnival at the end of the summer, there is a Farmer's Market every Saturday on Livingston Street, the Bike Trails Committee is working to redevelop our Rail Trails for public use....all volunteer work from our fellow residents. Just about every committee in town needs some additional volunteer help as these events arise. Please get involved. You can contact the Selectmen's office at 978-640-4300 and talk to Jeanine or Helen, two extraordinary employees in our town. We still have challenges as does every other community and if you are a glass half-empty person, you can blog about it all day. Nobody will disagree with you. If you are a glass half-full person, you can get involved and you'll see that this town is moving in a positive direction. Jim
Mary June 15, 2014 at 06:41 AM
@Jim Wentworth: I know this has nothing to do with this Patch posting, but as long as you are answer questions, I happened to notice that the Assisted Living facilities opposite Mahoney's is being built beyond belief close to the road. I thought we had buffer zones, or set backs in this Town. The back of the building is fine, but observe how close the front of the building is in relation to Route 38. I love the fact that we are improving our Town, but is this legal????
Mary June 15, 2014 at 06:42 AM
oops: answering questions
Lee Stout June 16, 2014 at 12:44 PM


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