Police Log: An Arrest For Assault and Battery

The following information is an excerpt from the Tewksbury Police Department logs. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Tewksbury Police Department. Photo Credit: Patch File Photo.
Tewksbury Police Department. Photo Credit: Patch File Photo.

Sunday Jan. 5

10:46 a.m. An individual came into the police station to report that while parked at Gold's Gym, 540 Main St., someone hit his vehicle and left. A report was filed.

12:46 p.m. A caller at 599 Chandler St. reported a male individual was smashing out a car window. Officers responded and two Tewksbury residents were arrested. 

Mikaela N. Kresien, 599 Chandler St., Tewksbury, was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Andrew R. Merlino, 91 Sawyer Lane, Tewksbury, was arrested for assault and battery.

7 p.m. An officer requested DPW be notified that road conditions were worsening and the roads are icing up.

Sued January 17, 2014 at 05:09 PM
I have to say that Andrew Merlino is a nice and a very polite young man, we have known Andrew for years.It is a shame that this is happening to him and his family, when he was trying to prevent his girlfriend from driving while not in the right mindset. She was blasting her music so loud in the car, trying to ignore him, so he was banging on the window to talk her down. Glad neighbors are on alert, but they need to know the situation, before they come out threatening people... Me personally, I would have filed a complaint about the neighbor for threating my life. hmmm, ....maybe the police should keep a watchful eye on the neighbors.. Anyway, just my opinion for what its worth.
kellogs January 17, 2014 at 09:29 PM
Andrew did not smash out a car window... he was trying to stop his girlfriend from driving while angry and not in the right state of mind, now he is being charged with assault and battery going by a neighbor's word who wasnt even there who watched it through her window. People just ned to mind their own damn business.i absolutely agree with you Sued, Andrew and Mikaela are two of my best friends, and if Andrew were to eve lay a hand on her i'd be like take him away but he would never hurt anyone. also the neighbor who reported this was threatening to snap Andrew's neck and this guy is walking around free after threatening to kill my friend. It's not right. This shouldnt be happening to Andrew and Mikaela. Every couple has their arguements, and theres actually people out there who ARE afraid of their significant others who DO abuse them, but once again Tewksbury Police going by what other people say and not listening to the whole story. ITS DISGUSTING
John Freeman March 26, 2014 at 02:31 AM
TPD had to mess with Merlino respect -


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