Tewksbury Man And His Dog Injured In Wilmington Pit Bull Attack

Dog owner agrees to euthanize dog after attack near Silver Lake on Saturday.

A pit bull will be euthanized after two men, including one from Tewksbury, were injured attempting to break up a fight between their dogs Saturday on Main Street.

According to police, the Tewksbury resident was walking his dog around Silver Lake when a pit bull broke free of its chain and began attacking his dog. The man was transported with significant but non-life threatening injuries to his head and neck, suffered while trying to stop the fight.

The owner of the pit bull also sustained injuries while trying to break up the dog fight.

Wilmington Animal Control Officer Ellen Sawyer said the injuries to each man came from his own dog as they tried to break up the pair.

“He knew enough not to get in the middle, but when you hear your dog crying and see it in distress, it’s hard not to get involved,” said Sawyer. “The dog doesn’t know the difference between you and who it’s trying to fight. Whoever tries to break up the fight often gets bitten, which is why we suggest never getting involved.”

Sawyer said the pit bull was involved in several other incidents with animals in the past. Following Saturday’s attack, it was set to be quarantined for 10 days.

However, the dog’s owner agreed instead to have the dog euthanized to prevent another violent incident from happening.

“I normally side with what’s best for the dog, but a lot of it has to do with public safety,” said Sawyer. “I just don’t want to see this happen again.”

The second dog, a lab mix, is expected to survive the attack. It was transported to a nearby veterinarian with some scratches on its face.

Sawyer said Wilmington has not seen many pit bull attacks in recent years, though there was one several years back on Salem Street. The breed of dog has received national attention as some communities have gone as far as banning residents from owning them.

Despite Saturday’s incident, Sawyer said she would not like to see a similar ban in Wilmington. The Animal Control Officer said that while many pit bulls are aggressive, there are some she’s seen that are good-natured.

Police said they do not believe any charges will be brought against the pit bull’s owner.

“Especially where the dog lived right on Main Street and right near the lake where many people walk, it is in the best interest of the public,” said Sawyer. “I feel bad for the dog, and I feel bad for the owner, but I believe it was the right decision.”

debbie bell May 09, 2012 at 01:45 AM
You only have to look at the dogs confiscated in a dog fighting raid to know which dogs are the best at maiming and killing other dogs. With hundreds from which to choose, all dog fighters only use pit bulls. Pits are the best at attacking for no reasona and without warning, not stopping, and doing great damage. Unless you are a dogfighter, you don't need dog aggressive dogs. Ban their breeding; let then become extinct.
debbie bell May 09, 2012 at 01:50 AM
It is never the dog's fault, as dogs control no aspect of their lives. It is the fault of the pit bull breeders, buyers, fanciers and pit bull mongers that these dogs cause suffering and death and also experience more suffering and young death disproportionately. Free, mandatory, enforced, spay/neuter microchipping of all pits, pit mixes, all dog aggressive dogs. Let them mercifully, gradually become extinct. Everybody sane and compassionate wins; all animals win too, expecially the tragic pit bulls themselves.
Sarah May 09, 2012 at 03:46 AM
Saw this article on patch, then saw the story linked below on the news. Dogs can be horrible or dogs can be awesome, just like people. http://www.thebostonchannel.com/news/31027600/detail.html
Christina Jasilewicz May 09, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Before giving opinions,having experience with dogs is necessery.I have over 15 yrs. in Tewksbury as a dog groomer,pet sitter,horse handler.There will always be positives&negatives of ANY breed.All breeds attack,however unless you were there you don't know the circumstances.As the saying goes,"you don't know what happens behind closed doors".I do know a majority of attacks are from Pits,w/my experience it is actually how they are raised because any kind of trauma they've encounter negatively by humans is embedded in their brains.Think of it like people who served in Vietnam,certain things can trigger certain tragic memories,reaction can happen no matter the species.From a Vet magazine,"Dogs most often make wonderful pets,however any type of dog can be dangerous.Even friendly dogs can inflict great harm in the wrong circumstance."Before banning a breed to extinction,look at the other breeds that attack(chow,boxer,the beloved dalmatian!)At 1 time the Pit was an American icon for families,"Petey"(Little Rascals).People are selfish,and need to Go to MSPCA,see 1st hand a Pit laying in a volunteers arms after it was beat w/a bat,yet still licks your face for acceptance and love,or a pit that was"bait"and never fought back(I AM that volunteer).I agree not all dogs can be helped just like humans.Instead of being ignorant,educate yourself so you can educate others(http://www.tysonkilmer.com/) All you see is what the MEDIA shows,go see 1st hand what really happens BEHIND closed doors!
Ms. Stella November 01, 2012 at 06:28 PM
@Joe Bill and Debbie Bell: You BOTH need some SERIOUS education about the Pit Bull breed before you publicly post nonsense about something which you clearly know LITTLE about. 1. Pit Bulls were NOT bred for killing. When the breed was first brought over from England, they were bred for BABYSITTING CHILDREN. They were known as "Nanny Dogs" for frontier children. 2. You ASSUME that most bites are from pit bull type dogs. Most people can't even identify a pit bull and there have been several studies on that. Additionally, children have been killed by chows, a 10lb Pomeranian and other various dog types. 3. Additionally, your arguments about aggression are unfounded. ( http://www.americancaninefoundation.com/caninebehaviorandgenetics.html) NO dog, NOT EVEN Pit Bulls, have any "mean genes" or DNA that makes them more aggressive than another dog. 4. Pit bulls Bite. Newsflash: EVERY dog has the capability to bite. Pit bulls are stronger so obviously they have a stronger bite. That doesn't make them meaner or more aggressive. A person who has 100lbs and 1 foot on you will more than likely have more strength than you but we are not banning that person. Nor do we ban all white people because a white person murdered someone, or black, or Asian, or what have you. It IS about ownership and not about breed. I've met plenty of little yorkies, chihuahas, and pomerians that tried to take my fingers off. PLEASE educate yourselves before you spread anymore lies about these dogs.


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