Elizabeth Warren Headlines West Roxbury Truman Rally on Election Eve

Democratic US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren roused the crowd with an invigorating speech in the Hastings Street lot on Monday night.


Democratic US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren made her last election eve stop a memorable one at the Truman Rally in West Roxbury on Monday night.

After numerous candidates gave quick stump speeches, Ed Kelly, president of the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts, introduced Warren from a stage on Hastings Street.

"It's about whose side are you on?" asked Warren to the pro-Warren crowd evidenced by her campaign signs easily outnumbering any other candidates.

Republican US Sen. Scott Brown did not attend the nonpartisan event. And Warren took it to her opponent, "Too often Scott Brown stands with millionaires and billionaires... he doesn't stand for working families. I want to go to Washington to fight for families every day."

Warren said she will fight for Medicaid, Social Security, and healthcare. She said she also will fight for unions, and equal pay for women.

The slate of speakers was Democratically-dominated, but more so because there are few Republican candidates on the ballot, like Governor's Councilor District 2 Republican candidate Early Sholley. Sholley said he became a member of the teamsters on Monday after starting work for UPS. He is also a landscaper and veteran.

His opponent Democrat Robert Jubinville focused his speech on wanting to bring good judges to the state.

State Sen. Mike Rush, D-Norfolk/Suffolk, reminisced of being in Iraq this time last year, serving in the US Naval Reserves. "I can't think of a better place than being here in Ward 20."

Rush was the lead sponsor on the Valor Act, which helps veterans and their families, gained applause from the crowd for the legislation. Rush is unopposed this year, as is state Rep. Ed Coppinger, D-West Roxbury.

Said Coppinger, who rejuvenated the Truman Rally last year, "I didn't think we were the only ones who wanted it back. The community wanted it back, too."

While unopposed, Coppinger reminded the crowd of his work in saving the Irish Social Club of Boston, raising funds for Christmas decorations last year and this year, as well fighting funding cuts to senior citizen organizations Ethos and AgeWell West Roxbury.

US Congressman Stephen Lynch, who spoke, did not have his opponent Joe Selvaggi, in attendance. Lynch decided to focus on some Democratic Party stumping.

"The principles of the traditional Democat that we have fought for decades - they're under attack," said Lynch. He said workers collective bargaining is under attack, as well as resources for education. "If you think Social Security is a good idea... Social Security is under attack today... These are things we believe in as Democrats. There are ideas we should go to the polls with in mind."

Starting off the ceremony, was Matt O'Malley, who before introducing anyone, remarked on he and Coppinger's efforts to bring back the Truman Rally. "Eddie and I both promised if elected we'd bring it back... this year it's better than ever!" 

Neil November 06, 2012 at 04:08 AM
It was great to hear from our State Sen. Mike Rush and Congressman Steven Lynch. Also, City Councillor Matt O'Malley and State Rep Ed Coppinger who did all the heavy lifting reviving the Truman Rally. This was my second Truman Rally and it was awesome. Rep Lynch talked about what was at stake in the election. A lot of Republican don't share Dem values of guarantee of Medicare, financial security of social security, and healthcare benefits delivered in Obamacare. Lynchie said, Don't sit this one out. Vote or you may wake up living in a country that been stripped of the social safety nets that keep a lot of people out of poverty. There were 2 stars of the show and 1 was Ed Kelly, Pres of the Prof Fire Fighters of MA. He talked about Scott Brown's voting record in DC and explained which votes Scott took were bad for MA firefighters and middle class families. In knew Scott's record but I had never heard anyone explain it so powerfully. Ed is awesome. If I were a firefighter I'd sleep well knowing he had my back. Ed introduced Elizabeth Warren. She was clear about her values and why she wants to go to DC -- to fight for the things that lift middle class families up. She understands what challenges they face, and what gov't can do to help, like affordable education from pre-school to public u, health care, and jobs for everyone who wants to work. She knows how Wall St can put all of that at risk and will fight to protect the US economy from their avarice.
Barbara November 06, 2012 at 12:55 PM
Do you really think those fire fightfighters are going to vote for the Lying Lizzie? She is a carpetbagger, rich woman who does not care about the middle class. She is only in the race to keep the people's seat warm for a Kennedy.
Abby Smith November 06, 2012 at 03:08 PM
Yes Barbara, I think they are.
Deb Spence November 06, 2012 at 05:09 PM
Sorry Barbara but the rally proved last night that the union partners are strong behind Warren. She has been and will continue to work on consumer protection items for you and me.


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